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About Us | Meet The Team

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AKA bent nose

“Having been naturally slim, athletic and completely useless at cooking a career in nutrition didn’t seem likely for me. I completed my history degree in 2011 with a realisation that law was a boring career choice and a new found passion for food, I moved sideways into personal training.

4 years at Virgin Active, a year at a private gym with lots of courses and self taught learning thrown into the mix and Sustain Nutrition came to fruition.

2015 marked the first year and I have loved every minute, seeing the business grow, helping change lives and developing me into a better coach all rolled into 365 days.”


AKA big nose

“At the age of 12 I was introduced to Karate, combined with a rather unhealthy obsession with Rocky franchise and Arnold films, I developed my love of training.

My training journey has taken the form of various martial arts but the gym has stayed a constant.

As well as having a successful personal training career spanning 10 years and working with thousands of clients, I am also a sought after course instructor passing on my expertise to trainers, of that including kettlebells, Boxing conditioning, MMA conditioning, Functional athletic training to name a few."

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