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Painless Fat Loss

James Walker | Director

How to lose unwanted fat painlessly!

Can you pinch more than an inch?
Odds are you are reading this because of the title and are more than likely looking to drop a couple of pounds over the coming months, and the odds are even more highly stacked that you have tried before too.

I’m going to outline our top tips that will guarantee you drop those extra pounds almost effortlessly, I’m not claiming that this will be the fastest way for you to drop weight, however out of all the times you have done a crash diet how long have you held onto those results please?
Answers on a postcard please.
So, without further ado here are our top 3 tips to making fat loss as painless as possible, in no particular ranty order and with quite a bit of crossover!

1. Start small – Don’t fall into the trap of changing your entire life upside down the Monday you ‘start your diet’
How many people try this approach only to burn out after a few weeks?
Please feel free to write down a list of the things that you do habitually that take you away from your goal.
Snacking on biscuits, getting takeaways, not prepping your own foods, energy drinks etc
Pick one and work on changing that habit, pick the one you think will be easiest for you at first and work your way up the list.
Remember that fat loss is determined by creating a calorie deficit, if you have 2 energy drinks per day normally and you either switch them out for coffee or the sugar free version you will save between 300-500 calories per day, one simple, painless change that can illicit fat loss!

2. Be realistic – another big one!
Can you lose 20lbs in 2 weeks?
Yes you can…but it will really suck!
Be realistic with both your approach and the results you expect to get.
You can’t expect to reverse years of bad choices in 4 weeks of ‘dieting’ no matter what the advert said.
1-2lbs per week is what to aim for, doesn’t sound very exciting or sexy but that is a loss of 3 and a half too 7 stone in one year!
Not too shabby now is it!
The steadier it comes off the less painful it will be and the more likely it will be to stay off.
Please note that stalls will happen, weight loss is never linear and there will always be peaks and troughs, the most important thing is to stay consistent and not spit the dummy out.
A stall can simply mean that something needs changing, it’s not a failure!

3. Minimum effective dose – A strong tie in with number 1 here.
There are only so many tools you have in your fat burning kit box, it’s important you don’t tip them all out straight away.
By slashing calories, lifting weights, doing cardio and taking fat burners in the first week of your new diet you are literally shooting your bolt way too early.
Think about launching a rocket into space, you have the initial blast off, you then have numerous other boosters going off at specific points when the rocket needs that extra push, it’s not just the initial blast that gets it to its destination.
If you can start losing 1-2lbs per week whilst making the smallest manageable change in your lifestyle then why on earth would you not do that?
Don’t make anything harder than it needs to be!

BONUS TIP Log everything!
‘’what gets measured gets managed’’
Tracking your food will not only make you accountable and more mindful of the choices you make but will also serve as a record for you to notice common pitfalls that you repeat.
Logging your training means you can easily manage your training output and track progress.

Be patient!

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