Mindset of a Champion

Mindset of a Champion

‘’It ain’t about how hard you can hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward, how much you can take and keep moving forward, that’s how winning is done…’’ Rocky

By ‘simply’ changing your mindset you completely change your outlook on everything.

I say ‘simply’ because of course actually changing is not that easy!

I’m going to start with a story I remember hearing on some late night TV show years ago.

The details are sketchy but the main part of the story involved a girl on a boat trip, the 2 boats dropped anchor to allow the people to swim in the sea. Shortly into the swim a shark was sighted, as the people scrambled to get back into the safety of the boat the girl was attacked as she reached the side of the boat.
After a short struggle, she was pulled onto the boat, when she looked down she realised her leg was missing.
The first thing she though was ‘’thank God, I’m alive’’

To me this is such a powerful example of how your mindset affects you, how easy would it be for her to be devastated that she no longer has her leg, think of all the difficulties that she will go through for the rest of her life, nothing will ever be the same again, but instead she was simply grateful to still be alive.

Yes there will be struggles ahead but she was grateful that she has the opportunities to have those struggles, after all what was the other option? Be dead?

Now this is obviously quite an extreme example and I’m hoping that none of us have to experience but something as simple as changing ‘’I can’t do it’’ to ‘’I can’t do it yet’’ is a much more positive outlook, the first is a closed Idea the second open, I’m going to try to do it until I can.

Success is just well managed failures, this echo’s through many of our Blog’s, if something goes wrong than what can we learn from it, how can me ensure that we don’t make the same mistakes again?

Too many times we see someone not happy with their score/feedback or with their latest weigh in and then instead of gritting down and pushing on they throw the toys out and revert back to the same ways that got them to their current state in the first place.

Seeing a stall/gain on the scales or a blip on the nutrition as a failure instead of an opportunity to learn is where people go wrong.

If a certain way of eating or certain foods have been delivering results for the past 4-6 weeks but then stop you haven’t failed at anything, you simply need to change something, just like any journey, you set off to your destination say on the M1, if you find out the M1 is closed you don’t just go home, you simply reassess and look for a different route.

If you have a shit workout then don’t be mad that your workout sucked, look at why your workout sucked, did you eat before, if so what was it, if you change it did you have a better session.
What was your food like the day before?
These are all things that you can learn from to prevent the same things happening again.

Don’t be pissed off that the glass is half empty, either figure out how to get the glass full or be happy with the amount of water you have, moaning that you only have half a glass of water is not productive and won’t get you anywhere.

Try to look for positives and not just focus on the negatives, obviously, the negatives need to be acknowledged as these can be detrimental to your progress but letting them manifest into shitty feelings that then transfer into more shitty days make no sense!

For example, we had a client upset that she had had a terrible day by having a bad workout that she just couldn’t get into and then an off-plan lunch, now she was dwelling on the fact that she ate a bad lunch and a crap workout & not the positive fact that she actually went to the gym, had a great breakfast went off plan but then had the skill to get straight back on it and have a great evening meal.

Now although it’s obviously not ideal it’s still a very positive day, the fact that someone didn’t just write the day off after the bad workout or the off-plan lunch should be celebrated, then the reasons for why the workout was pants and why they fell off plan can be investigated.

Don’t look at what is in your way look at how you are going to overcome them, if you know you are going to a party at the weekend and there is a buffet and booze involved what are you going to do about it?
Now you can go there get hammered and eat whatever you want and that is fine, so long as you realistic about the results, or you could limit yourself to a certain type of drink or number of drinks, eat before you go to avoid the beige buffet whatever you are prepared to do but just be in control and be realistic.

Be conscious that there are stages of change - 
Contemplation - thinking about doing something
Action - starting it
Maintenance - keeing it up!
Then you either stay in Maintenance or Relapse

Every time you relapse you need to be building up your skill set that will enable you to stay in the Maintenance phase.
You need learn the skills and strategies that work for you to keep you on track.
What works for one person may not work for another, we can offer suggestions but ultimately it comes down to you, your specific circumstances and what you are willing to do or change.

Until next time

Take care and comb your hair


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