Was it worth it?

Was it worth it?

Anyone who has worked with us will have heard this question at some point or another.

We work by giving people a set of parameters to ‘build’ there meals around, this gives people much more freedom and ownership with their choices, after all they should be just that THEIR choices not just eating something that you have been told to eat.

As Spiderman says ‘’With great Freedom comes great responsibility’’ or something like that anyway!

So, when you eat/drink foods that are not ideal for your you need to ask yourself ‘’is this worth it?’’

Certainly, not saying you can never eat something that is not ‘’on plan’’ ever again as sometimes it’s totally worth it!

Going out with a loved one, a family meal, date night whatever then that is fine so long as It’s worth it to you.

Will it be optimal to your plan? of course not! But sometimes the juice is worth the squeeze.

Only you can decide if it’s worth it though, is going for a nice meal and having a couple of drinks on your anniversary worth not losing weight that week?

I say yes, totally, having an enjoyable evening where you eat and drink things that you want is fine so long as you accept it’s not ideal.

Is eating a 4 Danish pastries for breakfast because you couldn’t be bothered getting up earlier to prep a good breakfast worth it? Definitely not! But that is quite an obvious one.

What about meeting friends for a catch up over coffee and cake? 
Well this is when you need to decide if it’s worth it, what is the main thing to focus on here?
Is it eating the cake or is it meeting with friends?
Will having cake really add to the experience? 
Will the time be any worse if you didn’t have any cake?

For me this wouldn’t be worth it, having the cake will add zero to the event as would having a triple syrup shot mocha chocha caramella pumpkin-a-chino!

You would have the same conversations and good time if you just had a straight coffee!

Ultimately you need to decide if what you eat/drink is going to take you closer to your goals of further away, if it’s taking you further away is that step actually worth it?

So when you are looking at these foods thinking you want them you need to ask yourself ‘’is this worth it?’’ will you regret the 5mins of pleasure these things bring the following morning?
Will you be glad you ate them the next time you try on some clothes?

Will you be lying on the beach regretting not drinking that triple syrup shot mocha chocha caramella pumpkin-a-chino or will you be wishing you had just asked for a normal coffee?

The choice is yours


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