Confessions of a binger...

Confessions of a Binger...

Another great blog from one of our Sustainers Amy.

I'm a binger, always have been. I don't crave stuff, it's a sudden impulse to boredom, stress, avoidance, habit and the inhaling of cupboards begins.

The support in group after a confession is brilliant, you're only human, it happens, it's what you do now that matters, you can do this, WE can do this even. I want to not need this support. 

I've done some thinking and am reading a book which has really hit a nerve. I'm now wondering if the "it's ok, just get back on it" mindset I've always had hasn't done me any favours. Like brushing it under the carpet for it to creep out another time.

Anything off plan hinders progress in some way, it might be a small amount depending on what's been eaten, but a binge could probably set me back a whole week. If it's one binge a week, then that's another week wasted and could even mean a gain and not the muscle kind. This is why I'm heavier than I was pre Christmas! Over 3 months wasted. 

If you had an overweight cat, let's say from eating too many crumpets, and the vet had given the cat a target weight and a special diet to get there, would you feed it half a crumpet or six every now and again because you knew it would be having cravings? No, because it would slow progress - so why is it ok for us to do it to ourselves? Ok so most of us haven't had instructions from the doctor but we're on this plan because we chose to be for a specific, personal (health/body image) reason and we want that progress.

The book I've read distances you from any thought, feeling, craving about food you deem to be off plan, like an enemy trying to destroy your progress - it actually labels it 'the pig', which you could liken to a stray cat. I looked at raisin loaf crusts this morning with no feeling whatsoever, not even slight disappointment as they went in the bin and I've not finished the book yet.

I've always thought myself a binger and in my head it's only a matter of time before the next one. That mindset is basically preparing myself for a fall. So, that is no longer me, the pig, the stray cat, the impulse to uncontrollably eat rubbish is no longer there, not because I won't ever struggle with those feelings, but because I know they have no hold over me unless I give it to them.

My mindset now = it's not ok to go off plan. If I can do it, so can you.

If you wanted to read the book, it's called 'never binge again' and is free on Amazon kindle. It's a bit crazy but I'm sold!!


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