Will you choose success?

Will you choose success this summer?

Summer is nearly upon us and tis the season to be dieting!

With Holidays being booked or the swimwear countdown upon us, the shedding of the winter layers has begun (and I’m not just talking about the thick jumpers!)

People are beginning to get into the summer diet mindset of fretting about squeezing into their favourite 2 piece or lucky Speedo’s.

This usually ends up being a short term mad dash, crash diet that could bring about some fast results alongside some seriously miserable times!

When people think of dieting most people won’t think of a great time had by all, people will tend to think of being restricted, deprived, banned from doing or eating what they want, doesn’t make for such a fun time.

As covered in previous Blogs starting your fat loss/physique changing plan earlier is always a great idea, you can make much greater changes in 12 weeks than you can in 4, plus you don’t have to be as restrictive, always a bonus!

For this blog I want to focus more on your mindset whilst on this journey, as we all know to drop fat we need to be in a calorie deficit (take in less calories than we burn per day) as such some restriction will come into play.

This is where your mindset can come massively into play and make the difference between success or failure.

When I say don’t think of a pink Elephant the first thing you do is think of the pink Elephant, it’s just human nature and the way your brain works I’m afraid.

As such we get lot’s of diaries from clients doing great and saying ‘’I resisted the cake at the meeting’’ ‘’I resisted having any wine’’ which is fantastic but just looking at the wording could come across quite negative.

RESISITED – a. To take action in opposition to; try to eliminate, reduce, or stop:
If you had to resist something it sound like you wanted it but knew that you couldn’t, sound about right?
Also sounds pretty negative.
‘’I really want some cake but I can’t because I am on a diet’’ sound familier?

I had a real revelation last year when we were prepping for some photo’s, whilst at my brothers my sister in law stated ‘’haha you can’t have any cake because you are on a diet!’’ and I replied ‘’actually I can have cake if I want, I’m just choosing not to’’

It’s a much more positive way of looking at things, you are not resisting these things, in reality you eat whatever you want, no one is going to come and physically kick them out of your hands!

You have to choose your goals over these things, that is what will bring about success.

Don’t focus on the things you are not having concentrate on how much closer to your goal you are getting because you are choosing not to have them.
This is a much more positive mindset and will actually drive you forward.

Concentrate more on what you are doing this for and the reward as opposed to the hardship of what you are giving up!

Until next time remember nobody ever walked down the beach regretting all the cake they DIDN’T eat!


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