Have your cake and eat it?

Have your cake and eat it too?

Can you really have your cake and eat it too?

Well yes and no!

Our staple answer for most nutrition answers as always is ‘it depends’, as frustrating as I’m sure this sounds it’s simply because we don’t want to lie to you.

Nutrition is never black and white I’m afraid, there are lots of different shades of grey in the food spectrum.

Often times as coaches we get asked is this OK to eat, say it’s say an all-natural ingredient but high fat chicken curry for example.

Now as the ingredients are all from natural foods just like momma used to make then I’m all for the JERF (just eat real food) approach but ultimately fat loss will come down to overall calories consumed, if this high calorie curry that pushes you over that calorie limit then technically it wasn’t OK to eat then.

Same thing will apply to club biscuits, wine, beer and crisps.

Can you eat these foods and still drop fat, technically yes, so long as you are still in a calorie deficit.

This can be the appeal for people who track MACROS (macronutrients)

They can set a target of calories, protein, carbs and fats and fit their foods in to these targets, this approach can be valuable particularly when a clean eating approach has stalled, after all if you are already clean eating you cannot simply ‘eat cleaner’

The downside of this will be when people use this approach to shoe horn less than optimal food choices like chocolate and cake in.

This approach will presume that the carbs from a slice of chocolate cake are equal to the carbs you would get from sweet potato, doesn’t sound right to me does it.

Not just the hormonal and physical affects will totally different but it’s almost like spending your money on magic beans!

We all know the story of Jack and the Beanstalk?

Eating poor quality foods to hit MACROS is a similar idea, say you have 2000cal to ‘spend’ on food, personally I don’t want to waste 400cal on a piece of cake when I can eat a large chicken breast and some greens for that, one is a moment on the lips, life time on the hips the other is a filling meal that will take me closer to my goals.

Blowing your calories allowance on poor choice foods is not going to be great from a health or good habit-forming view.

So, whilst you may be able to get away with eating some less than ideal foods for a while this unfortunately won’t always last. 

There will be a point where you have to drop something to reduce calories, you will have to make the choices of the easy fix of dropping the club biscuit or reducing the healthy nutritious foods, it’s a no brainer for me.

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