Spot Reduction?

Spot reduction

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Bingo wings, jelly belly and turnip legs.

All common problems and the most frequent training questions are ‘’what are the best exercises to help tone up these areas’’

Spot reduction is the idea that training a specific area will help reduce body fat in a certain area.

**SPOILER** this doesn’t work!

Let’s take the very funny quite portly Peter Kay as an example, now if we gave Peter the world’s best Ab routine would you ever expect him to have a rippling six pack but be carrying excessive bodyfat around his arms, back, legs and face?

The answer is of course not, that would be silly.

When people say ‘tone’ they mean to reduce the bodyfat to reveal the muscle underneath, this gives a much more solid appearance to the stomach, arms, legs or back.

People will often complain that they are dropping fat from all over the body except their problem areas.

Bodyfat is distributed around the body, when you start losing it think of it like emptying a swimming pool, the water level drops at an even rate from the shallow bits to deeper end just like your body will be losing fat at an even pace it will simply appear slower when coming off areas where you tend to store more.

People tend to store more fat on their stomach than their faces!

So as important as it is to have a good solid resistance training plan to back up your nutrition no amount of direct training a specific area will affect fat loss in that area.

By all means train the abs and the arms, but looking at it from a calorie burning perspective you would be better served training larger lifts like squats, deadlifts, presses and rows will be much more effective for burning energy (calories)

So, there you have it, spot reduction does not work, just keep doing what you are doing, keep the food tight, keep lifting and keep active and the fat loss will happen!

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Bye, bye bingo wings.
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