Why fat loss is like running a marathon

Why fat loss is like running a Marathon.

Not talking about running a Marathon for fat loss so don’t panic and keep reading!

This was one of those startling analogies I managed to throw out the other day and decided there was a blog in there somewhere and so here we are. 

Now I want you to think about how you feel when you are about to begin a new program, plan or eating style.

I’m guessing it’s full of determination, excitement and that this is going to be the one, sound about right?

Certainly nothing wrong with this, don’t get me wrong!

Being enthusiastic is fantastic but just like that first mile of the Marathon is probably the easiest, you are full of energy, the legs are fresh and you feel amazing you think you can run forever, 26.2 miles no dramas!

6,7,8 miles in and a little blister may of developed, back is starting to hurt, a few people around you are walking and it’s making you want to walk, they are doing it so why shouldn’t you?

Then you remember there are another 18 miles to go…

Any of you readers done a Marathon?

Even if not you will be aware of the runner’s wall, people often talk about hitting ‘’the wall’’ after a few hours of running.
Not wanting to bore you with the science behind it but it’s basically when runners have used all their glycogen stores and the energy system is confused as to what to do next, you basically have 2 options.
1. You quit.
2. You dig deep and keep going to the finish line.

‘’Ermm, you said this was like fat loss?’’ 

Of course it is!

That blister you develop that is always nagging you is your sweet craving.
The sore back that glass of wine/beer you usually have on a weekend.
The people around walking are the people who are eating whatever they like and not caring.
And the Wall is the time you question what and why you are doing this, when you are not getting the results you want fast enough, feel it’s taking over your life or it’s just not that important to you.

What can you do about it?

If you can overcome all these things and not give into them then you will succeed, if you stop when you develop a blister or compare yourself with others progress then you will be much less likely to.

Develop a plan of action, start at a steady pace, get a coach!

Someone who knows the journey, can run alongside you, motivate you and help with your technique.

Now this could certainly be a friend but just remember that what works for one person won’t always work for another.

Now I can open up a bonnet on a car and know where to put water, oil and screen wash because I have a very basic understanding and skill set of cars, ask me to fix something and I’m taking it to the garage for an expert opinion!

Not sure why we don’t adopt this mentality when it comes to diet and exercise though!

Make sure you are working with someone who has a large enough skill set to help you, you can’t ride a one trick pony on a Marathon remember!

If you go into the Marathon knowing that it’s going to be tough, knowing that you will get a sore back and blisters along the way then you can already mentally prepare for them, you can build up ideas as what to do when they do occur.

Being proactive is so much more beneficial than reactive remember, solve problems before they occur – nights out, social occasions, usual cravings, changing habits etc.
Think about what you can do to prevent it or limit damage, this will be much more beneficial than either reacting to something and then moving on.

Until next time.
Marks, get set…..

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