Comparison is the thief of joy

‘Comparison is the thief of Joy

Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Love Island, Heat magazine…

Now I am not just listing my favourite past times here but pointing out just some of the places we are bombarded with images of ‘what people should look like’ or what the ideal is.

Pert, pumped and plucked beyond all recognition in some cases.

Now this is a double-edged sword, some people will fall into the ‘’well they will have a trainer and a chef and it’s their job to look good, I work full time and have 2 kids’’ whilst others fall towards ‘’I could never look that good after 2 kids, what is the point!’’ 

2 different outlooks with the same outcome – sadness.

Don’t be THAT person, YOU be YOU.

Be the best version of you that you can be.

Don’t get caught up in what other people are achieving or how they are achieving it because it will have zero impact on what you can do.

Be realistic and look at what you want to achieve and more importantly look at what you CAN achieve.

Perfect example, myself, Joe and Liam have all been following a strict diet plan set out by Physique coach Liam Crossley.

We all committed to 4 weeks as strict as possible nutrition & training, and we have all done great on this…..however I am not expecting to get the same drastic results that Liam and Joe will get from this plan.

Why not?
Because I’m being realistic!

For one reason I’m 15 years older than them, secondly, I’m married.

Now certainly not saying that being married means you cannot succeed at fat loss, of course not, but a relationship is like a job, you need to put time & effort into it for it to work.

Whilst Joe & Liam may go back to the gym and do a second cardio session on an evening I will be going home to spend some quality time with her in doors, same with weekends, these are my choices.

Effectively I am not willing to have my goal completely take over my life, after all that wouldn’t be sustainable for me would it?

Happy wife, happy life and all that.

Fact is I’m not willing to commit as much as them to the plan.

Now if I wanted to get in the best shape of my life ever then operation hermit crab would be in full effect, no meals out, double training sessions, no weekends away, nothing off plan, no late nights, no wasted energy by doing anything that wasn’t taking me closer to my goal.

Fu*k that.

Who wants to live like that? 

Not me.

I’m happy and realistic getting the results I deserve from what I am willing to give up.

Making progress at my pace, a pace that I can keep up, not sprinting the first mile of a marathon and then having to stop.

Training hard 5 times per week, eating spot on 95% of the time and having fun whilst I do it.

So, if this makes sense to you that is fantastic, there is certainly no problem saying ‘’actually I’m not willing to commit 100% to this, I can do 90% but I still want to have a nice meal on a Saturday night’’

Perfect, find what works for you and do that, however don’t compare yourself to others,it's your journey remember nobody else’s.

The most important thing is to be doing something and be happy with the progress YOU are making, so the next time you find yourself comparing yourself to the 21 year old athlete with cheese grater abs and an ass like a book shelf that has probably done the last 8-12 weeks of dieting and training to peak for this one day for a photo shoot use it as motivation but not comparison.

Until next time
Keep it real….istic


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