Why you can't just draw a line under it...

‘’Why you can’t just draw a line under it…’’

A standard reply we will often get when someone has had a blip, meltdown, binge etc is ‘’well I have drawn a line under it and tomorrow is another day so…’’

My question would always be ‘’but what will be different next time?’’ 

‘’I will try harder’’ 

Were you not trying as hard as possible the first time though?

Of course you were!

So by simply saying that was yesterday and tomorrow is a different day doesn’t mean anything if nothing changes, the same thing can/will happen.

If nothing changes then nothing changes after all.

Imagine if every time you went on a journey you ran out of petrol before you got to your destination, you surely wouldn’t keep trying to do the same journey and expect a different result?

You would need to come up with a different strategy to get to your destination.

A similar tactical approach is need for your nutrition then, if you keep falling at the same hurdle be that getting bored of your food choices, wanting to socialise, cravings, social pressure etc then addressing the reason why you fall off and developing strategies to prevent it happening again is what you need to focus on.

Time and time again we will have people refuse to send their food diaries to us because they have fallen off plan, now whilst it’s great to have a pat on the back when everything is great surely it’s more beneficial to see where and why you are going wrong and look to fix it?

Pre-empting issues and looking at how YOU are going to cope with them is invaluable, these tactics and strategies have to be realistic to you, this is why it’s important that you come up with them, it’s great to get suggestions for what has worked for others but ultimately it’s what will work for you that counts.
Make mistakes, we all do, it’s how you react to them that counts.

Looks at them, access what went wrong and what you can do to prevent it happening again, don’t draw a line under it until it’s fixed.

Until next week
Onwards and upwards!


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