What the Health - what's the truth?

If you are not already aware of the documentary ''What the Health'' that is doing the rounds on Netflix then you may not know of the stink & confusion it is kicking up at the moment.

Are very own super coach Gagan has watched it and this is her unbiased opinion on it -

What the Health: Muddying nutritional waters for more views

For those of you that don’t know, What the Health is a new Netflix documentary made and directed by self-confessed hypochondriac Kip Andersen who explores the damaging effects eating meat has on our bodies. It has recently gained traction by backing a certain lifestyle but in the process, seems to confuse things. A lot.
*I’ll largely be focusing on the first 30mins of the documentary. I don’t want to get into the Pharmaceuticals & Sponsorships here * ;)

An American documentary comes onto the scene. Expect big captivating messages. An addictive narrative that bombards you with statistics and rarely heard of radical nutritional information. SO what do we do when we’ve watched a documentary like this? What is best for going forward? What messages should we listen to & what is just muddying our view of health and nutrition?

My degree has taught me to read as many high-quality sources as possible on the topic, to hear both sides of the argument. Fact is there’s a lot of stuff in that documentary that I don’t personally agree with. But I’m not your brain! I would ask you to use your common sense rather than me dictate.

My purpose in this blog is not to go behind verified research and statistics mentioned in What the Health. It’s to encourage looking at the bigger picture of what’s being said. Health is a critical and rising problem for everyone, to prevent is much better than cure. But this documentary is confusing the situation by presenting quite a lot of bias.
It comes down to everyone having a responsibility to understand the basics of nutrition. For your own benefit. The health of your future, your family. Nobody escapes the impact of balanced nutrition.

Living in a world where information is spoon fed to us, we are getting confused. We are waiting for the latest trends and then we jump on them. And most often we stick with it for a bit then go back to our unhealthy habits. This new shiny documentary is no different as its promoting a certain lifestyle. It promises drastic changes but the reality is meat is not the enemy. I would seriously advise against cutting out certain foods. Moderation is key and focus should be on natural, single ingredient foods.

Sex, age, ethnicity, environment, genetics all have a play in our bodies. So, does it not follow that everyone is different and what works for 1 individual doesn’t necessarily work for the other and their varying needs? When watching any documentary or coming across an online blog (like mine I guess), we should be ticking these points off:

 What messages are they sending out?
 Are they sharing a balanced argument?
 Due they use emotive language, scare tactics, statistics in a beneficial way or to alarm    for emotional gain?
 What are your next steps post watch/read/listen? Will you take it at face value or          research into it more?

We all need to do what’s right and optimal for ourselves based on accurate information provided to us. Not many audience driven sources keep things simple, present information honestly and in a balanced way. Because this doesn’t sell or generate interest as What the Health has successfully done.

What you learn very quickly in this line of work is that its muddy waters out their folks…But it’s also down to us to consider how to get through it.

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