‘’Get comfortable being uncomfortable’’

‘’Get comfortable being uncomfortable’’

As true in training and nutrition as it is in life.

Nothing good will happen in the comfort zone, remember that pressure makes diamonds and all that other shit!

But it is kind of true, if you always do what you have always done you will always be where you have always been.

I remember a time in my life where I was comically shy, like wouldn’t ask where things were in the supermarket shy, that bad.

It was only upon my realisation of ‘’you know what, life is too short for this sh*t’’ that I became the hairy obnoxious man before you!

I realised that if you do try something and fail then you are really only where you would be if you had never tried, only a little wiser.

Like asking someone on a date, you are already not going on a date with so if you ask then out and they say know then guess what!

You are still not going on a date with them but at least you know.
I’m not green lighting failing, it’s a touch cliché to say it but you only fail when you stop trying, if you try and it doesn’t work that’s not a failure, it’s an opportunity to learn, what worked, what didn’t, then adjust and try again.

It’s that fear of failure, that fear of pain that we try our best to avoid when really, in reality it’s fine.

None of us were born with the ability to walk, but through hundreds of attempts nearly all of us managed it, the same with most things, speaking, swimming, riding a bike.

Imagine if you had just given up after a few attempts or not even tried at all!

My point being is that you are on your own journey and that’s what you should be concerned with, go in the weight section, go for a run, be the first person on the dance floor, ask that person on a date!

Whatever it is that you have been putting off because you were worried that you might not be great at first or that people would think ‘’what are they doing that for?’’ just do it!

Slam dunk the funk


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