Kick your own Ass!

Kick your own Ass!

Often when people fall off plan and have a binge they ask for a kick up the ass.

When motivation is coming from an outside source it simply won’t last.

You will begin to sneak foods in to your day, justify your choices.

‘’a little won’t hurt’’
‘’you deserve this’’
‘’If have done really well all week so I can have this’’

This little mental back and forth will go on between the Angel & the Devil on your shoulder until one of them wins.

Needless to say sometimes it’s the Devil that does the victory dance!

This leads to a feeling of instant regret, shame and frustration.

‘’Why do I do this to myself, why can’t I be stronger, why do I always fail?’’

Not a fun time to say the least but also a very powerful time to be in, use this feeling to prevent yourself from repeating the same mistake.

It’s so easy to feel bulletproof at the start of a plan ‘’I am going to smash this, nothing is going to get in my way, this is the one!”

This makes it an even harder fall when it happens, and it will happen.

This is called the stages of change, we are all familiar with them but may not recognise them, they go as follows – 
Relapse or Maintenance

So you think about making a change, in this instance we are looking at fat loss and improved health, you do some research (Precontemplation) , see what is out there (Contemplation), you pick a plan/system and get started (Action)
Then this is the important stage, you either fall off plan – either for a short time and go back to action or you relapse and quit to begin the cycle again
You keep going and go into a maintenance phase which is where you want to be!

The most important thing to do is to build your skill set every time you fuck up, look at why it happened and what you would do different next time.

Simply saying ‘’I will try harder’’ or ‘’I will make sure there is no chocolate in the house’’ will simply not work, that is about as useful as declaring you will run a marathon and then when someone asks you how you reply ‘’I’m just going to run it’’ You need to look at what you can actually do to prevent this from happening again.

Did you try to go low carb and then have a massive binge because of this?
Next time have a high clean carb day instead.

Did you go out to a party and rely on the foods there and it was all off plan?
What about eating before you go out next time?

Did you have a big night out get hammered and then the next day was a write off because of the hangover?
Get some Sustain friendly hangover foods in before you go out on the pop, as described here –

Going back to the very powerful time of failure, this is prime time for you to write down or I would even recommend filming/recording yourself explaining exactly how you feel right now, this is the exact foresight that you need when that Devil is trying to convince you that it’s OK to have that cake.

This acts like a voice from the future telling you that it’s not worth it, you don’t need it and you will only regret it tomorrow.
Not someone else saying you shouldn’t eat/drink it but your own words and experiences telling you that your own goals are more important than this.

So what is stopping you?

Go kick your own ass!

Until next time
Lights, Camera, action


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