Lots of clients talk about aiming at 10/10 days and how they feel if they don’t achieve it. But Sustain isn’t about numbers – it’s about you.

Here is how Sustain works and how to make it sustainable for you:
As with any fat loss system your results will ultimately come down to calories in vs calories out. If you take in less calories than you burn you will lose body fat providing that adequate protein, carbs and fats are present of course.

At Sustain we promote eating real, natural, single ingredient foods and building great habits. Avoiding a lot of the over processed, high calorie, nutrient light foods we commonly see day to day is almost always enough to create the calorie deficit you need to begin dropping significant body fat.

By switching some of your food choices you will see an increase in energy, well-being, mental clarity all teamed up with a decrease in hunger, and body fat! You will probably feel that you are eating more food than before whilst losing fat!

These clean food choices with a good dose of consistency will deliver fantastic results, as simple as that – you stick to the plan, you get results.

BUT…… Remember this is your plan and it has to be sustainable for you.

That’s why we have expert coaches - one of the great benefits of working daily with your coach is that the plan evolves around you. Your coach will help you to consistently lose weight without giving up things that are important to you.

Many people can’t imagine a life without bread or chocolate. The idea of completely giving these things up is just too much and can mean the difference between trying a plan or not.
Can you eat chocolate and still lose weight? Well the answer is yes, if you are still in a calorie deficit – and that’s where your coaches expertise comes in very handy!

Here at Sustain we pride ourselves on our ethos, #habitsmakeresults

We will always promote swapping out bad habits for good ones. However if you were previously eating 2 bars of chocolate per day everyday but then you cut down to eating 2-3 per week and that is what you need to do to stick to the rest of the plan AND you can still drop body fat then that sounds like a great option to us!

There is no point making things harder than they need to be, at the start of a plan there is generally a little wiggle room and you need to do what you need to do to stick to it.

Of course eating perfectly day in and day out would be optimal – but you need the plan to be optimal for you. Your coach will work with you create your own strategy. If that means factoring in a few non Sustain choices per week and this still delivers results then fantastic.

As Bruce Lee said ‘’long term consistency trumps short term intensity’’

Developing a strategy with expert help that works for you long term is much better than making big short term changes that you are unable to maintain.

Work with your coach to find what works for YOU – Sustain isn’t just about hitting 10 out of 10 every day and you certainly shouldn’t feel pressure to or a failure if you don’t hit them.

Sustain Nutrition