The Recipe for success


The recipe for success

So many of us know the basics of cooking and will usually have around 5 dishes that we cycle through.

But what about when you want to create something a bit special?

You look up a recipe, find all the needed ingredients, follow the instructions set out by the expert chef, and Voila – a delicious dish you have created!

Now imagine you are in a Ready, steady, cook style situation.

You have a some limited ingredients – chicken, onion, peppers, rice, tin of tomatoes.
Could you make a restaurant standard meal from just that?
No help, no recipe, only those ingredients and you?

Odds are you would have chicken with some veg and rice, right?
Without knowing what you are going to cook, with what and how then you can make something edible but delicious most probably not.

But this is exactly what people do when they go to the gym with no training plan or record of what they have done.

You have all of your ingredients available - 
Barbells, dumbbells, cardio machines, kettlebells etc
You have an idea of the end product/result you want, but if you don’t have the recipe to get it what are you going to get? 

The chicken, veg and rice of a workout!

This is an all too common sight for me to see in the gym.
People come in, look around and make it up as they go. 
No real rhyme or reason, no record of what they have lifted or for how many reps, they just use different bits of kit until they feel they have done enough to justify leaving.

Now imagine that in a kitchen.

There’s some chicken so I will fry that, and potatoes, I like them, bang them in, some green veg, spices, carrots – they are good and so on and so forth.

Now you may get something that resembles a meal, but with no knowledge of how to put these ingredients together you get a much less effective meal.

This is why having a good training plan is essential for progress, simply making it up as you go along will not work.
We say this all the time, have a plan, follow it and record it.
How many people do you see in the gym recording there training session? I don’t mean a Instagram story either! I mean logging the weight and reps they use.

Personally I have been weight training for easy 20 years and I would still struggle to tell you what I squatted this morning or for how many with out referring to my log book. 
So I have no idea how people think they can recall what they lifted last week or the week before for that matter!

There will always be those Gordan Ramsey, Jaime Oliver types that can knock up a delicious meal/workout with anything available, but they are sadly few and far between, plus the chance of repeating the 'recipe' with no record are slim to none too.

There is a reason why people have book shelves full of cook books, it's because they need the guidance, just like training. 

Do yourself a favour and ask someone who knows, doesn’t have to be a PT, find a plan online is fine.

Please make sure it is progressive though! Not one of those 28 day body weight squat for a peachy bum or 2 weeks to a 16min plank ones either!

Best bet is a full body progressive resistance training plan, if you focus on getting stronger each week then the aesthetics will follow.

There is one more thing before I go too!

We often get asked for bespoke progressive training plans for people who train at home and may only have a 3kg dumbbell, a kettlebell and resistance band – this is similar to asking Gordan Ramsey to cook you a delicious 3 course meal for 4 people but only having a tin of tuna, a cucumber and an onion available.
Sure you can imagine what he would say!
Obviously we are more polite than that though….

Until next time,
Keep it real like Ian Beale

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