Why you shouldn't give a F*@K


Why you shouldn’t give a F*@K
*Warning this blog will contain numerous references to the word F*@K.
**Inspired by the book by Mark Manson ‘the subtle art of not giving a F*@K’

Everyone wants to be liked and accepted.

I’m here to tell you that you really shouldn’t give a f*@k.

OK, slightly misleading, I don’t want you to turn into a complete maverick renegade but I do want you to choose when & where you give them.

‘’We all have a limited number of F*@K’s to give, pay attention to when & where you spend them’’

Do you get frustrated when you look at your favourite fitness model, actor, pop star on Instagram?
Annoyed at seeing peoples dramatic 90 day transformations.
Upset at a colleague’s comment at work?

Well stop it!

Concentrate on spending them wisely, and only when needed.
Do you really care what the person at the water fountain thinks about you?
Do you really think that comparing yourself to a polished photo of a celeb on Instagram is a worthwhile use of your energy?
Does what other people lift/eat/do have any effect on you, your wellbeing or your results?

Of course not, so stop giving a F*@K.

I’m not saying don’t use these people as inspiration, being inspired and motivated is fantastic BUT using these things as a barometer of success is just plain damaging.

Learn to love yourself, make yourself proud, your partner proud, family proud and friends proud.
After that does anyone else really matter?
These are the people that you should want to impress, the people that matter, so long as you are a good person and are doing the right things day in and day out, making yourself happy then if others don’t like that then that is on them I’m afraid, their problem, guess what?
You shouldn’t give a F*@K!

‘’Maturity is what happens when one learns to only give a F*@K about what is truly F*@K-worthy’’

Ever seen a toddler having a complete meltdown because they are told they have to wear socks or have something sticky on their hands?

Remember being a teenager and threating about what you were going to wear, if you had a spot, if your haircut was cool or if you should dance at the school disco or not.

Now on the flip side have you ever visited a grandparent and been told that you have put on weight, look tired, or should shave your beard off? (just me?)

That’s because the older you get the less F*@K’s you give, get to this point sooner and live a happier life.

Make sure you make yourself happy, your family & friends, nearest and dearest and don’t worry about the rest.

If you have been hitting the gym, eating well and feeling great then should all that crumble when someone says your muscles are getting ‘too big’ or ‘you’re getting too lean/taking this too seriously’
You should swiftly reply ‘’I don’t actually give a F*@K what you think, I’m doing this for me not you’’

Become the best version of you for you.
Those people that try to drag you down are probably trying to make themselves feel better with their own insecurities, the people that love and respect you will encourage you to be happy.

Remember what’s important to you and concentrate on that.

Hopefully you have enjoyed this blog, please share it or send it to anyone you think will benefit from it, if you didn’t then I don’t give a F*@K!


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