You want some advice?


You want some advice?

In our line of work, with us speaking to people daily about their food it’s certainly not uncommon to come across a blank diary or even one that simply reads
‘’terrible day yesterday, I’m not even sending it in’’

As coaches it’s our job to encourage the good choices and behaviours and to negotiate the less than productive ones we shall say!

This could be anything from helping people decide what is more important to them - a Friday night takeaway tradition or being comfortable on a beach, feeling self-conscious at being the only one at the party not drinking alcohol or feeling self-conscious in photos to someone understanding the effects of certain foods on their bodies, the list of peoples goals are endless.

It's human nature to want to do well, and also to be praised for it.
If you need a prime example of this then you just need to look at a man when he has done some house work, it’s almost like we put a man on the moon!

Anyway, I digress!

Being praised for doing the right thing is fantastic but who valuable is it?

Essentially you are being rewarded for doing something right that you already know is right, right?

Something that both myself and Joe learned and embraced at a very early stage of setting up Sustain was how we asked for feedback.

It’s very easy to just accept praise form people, of course it is.

We had family & friends telling us how good the website, blogs, videos where etc.

And that is all great, super positive of course but we soon realised the question we needed to ask was…

‘’How can we make this better?’’

That is the question you need to be asking if you want to improve.

We were lucky enough to attended an Entrepreneur scheme for 6 months when we first started the business, part of the scheme saw us attend a Piranha Pit (terrible name I know, not the most inviting!)

A Dragon’s Den style interview with 3 high powered business owners, you have to pitch your business and then are grilled about it for 30mins.

We had our ass handed to us I don’t mind telling you!

The website and the blogs all pulled apart, even the colour of our Sustain tops! One of the gents was particularly critical of our content.
Apparently after we left he was told by one of the other ‘Piranha’s’ he was a touch rough on us!

He is now out mentor! 

I guess what I am saying is not to shy away from negative feedback, so long as it is constructive.

If you have done something shit then you don’t need to be told it’s shit as you already know!

What you really need to figure out is how to fix it and look at how to prevent it from happening again in the future.

This is going to be valuable with nutrition.

If you have a bad day, please still send it in but also include as much detail as possible.
What you ate, when you ate it, how you felt before and after, what you think led to those choices – hunger, emotions, bad planning etc

You can then look at developing strategies to prevent it happening again.

Fix your issues before they come up and this will lead to long term success.

Working proactively rather than reactively.

Until next time

I’m OOT!


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