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Struggle with willpower?

James Walker | Director

Its a funny old thing willpower…

it’s talked about as some kinda of X-men style super power

something that only mutants possess

people often think that you have it or you don’t

^^ don’t tell me you’ve never thought that, BTW

Anyway, it’s actually something I’ve always struggled with

it’s fickle…

really f*cking fickle

it comes and goes like the summer here in the North of England

and when it ‘goes’ enough times…

you’ll get to that dark little place known as “the f**k it button”

and resign yourself to another year of going round in circles and trying to find that perfect plan

doesn’t matter if it’s with your diet, your business or any habits you want to break or bring in

when you’re left with you vs willpower… willpower always loses

but I have a secret weapon..

and it’s NOT what you think it is

there’s no special ‘hack’ for this

no woo-woo,



See, if you don’t have enough leverage and your goals are ‘wishy washy’

you’re ONLY left with willpower

and THAT my friend is just one of the reasons why goal setting and a coach works so well

being accountable

pushing to be better, overcoming obstacles and hitting goals…


If you only have to answer to yourself and you are not clear on why you are doing this for then goals will always fall by the wayside

no real targets to hit

nobody to tell that you didn’t do what you said you would

that’s the game changer

‘‘For me, the self reflection was the best part.

It’s one thing having a coaches feedback but rationalising and reflecting on my own choices brought a whole new aspect to it’‘

Are you ready to change?


James ‘Willpower’ Walker

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