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The TRUTH about the SAD STEP

James Walker | Director

You shuffle into the bathroom bleary-eyed after being rudely awoken by your alarm

where does the weekend go so fast you think you yourself as you have the obligatory wee

‘‘it’s time’‘ you think

as you hover in front of the scales….as naked as the day you were born

will they bring Joy

or will they bring rage, anger and disgust?

as you slowly, carefully begin to step on them

the wheel begins to turn

where will it stop?

——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————Yup – true story!

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It’s Monday morning

The day when people are either starting diets


seeing how their current one is going

Basically, it’s international weigh in day

now I hear the scales being called the ‘sad step’ WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY

too often for my liking

in fact it does p*ss me off a little

it’s just a tool, it’s not the be all and end all

there are SO MANY different factors that can make your scale weight jump up or down a few pounds that you need to look at the bigger fricking picture

and not just that tiny snap shot

and FFS don’t let it dictate your mood!

I can’t tell you how many times I get messages from a clients saying

‘‘I have been totally on point this week with my food, I have crushed my workouts, I feel amazing, my clothes are fitting better, I got into an outfit I haven’t been able to wear for ages and like what I see in the mirror, a lot of my friends are commenting on how I have lost weight too…’‘

only to be followed by

‘‘then I stepped on the scales and they say I have gained a pound so I thought whats the point and ate a Dominoes family deal’‘

I’m not even joking————————————-sadly!

you can take ALL of those positives – the things that you actually want to happen

that you look and feel better

and bin them because of the one thing that can change hour to hour…

And here is the real kicker – NOBODY FRICKING CARES WHAT YOU WEIGH


people will see you and what you look like, not what you weigh

you don’t want to ‘feel lighter’ you want to look and feel BETTER

^^Thats your goal

So, please stop calling it a ‘Sad step’

Its just a tool

and if everything else is pointing out your success

> Improved habits
> Clothes fitting better
> Feeling better
> Compliments
> Your reflection

then go with the majority vote and don’t let this one thing that can be influenced by so many factors dictate how you feel you have done

Please, just be sensible about it

If you have been stuck in a constant loop of letting the scales be the ONLY measure of success and letting them dictate your mood then it’s time for a new approach

Let us show you how because it doesn’t have to be like this

just email with the heading ‘Sustain’ and I will get back to you


James ‘Stop doing this’ Walker

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