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How many Sausage Dogs do you weigh?

James Walker | Director

This could get a little ranty for me here as it’s an issue that is close to my heart

I’m going to go on about weight for a while=============== I know, I know

this is a super common subject

but its just such an important one!

you see people see and use their weight as a statement of either success or failure

if you stick to your plan, do everything right – eat well, train hard, stick to good habits, do what you said you would do and don’t lose weight or even gain

then its a massive FAILURE

if you go off your plan, half ass the gym, eat a bit better then you might normally and still lose weight

then its a massive SUCCESS!

^^sound about right?

well it’s wrong, totally wrong

people put such power into stones and pounds or kilo’s and grams when really they don’t actually mean anything to you

do they?

if I gave you a bucket full of plasticine and said I want you to make one ball that weighs one pound, one that weighs 7 pounds and one that weighs 10 pounds

what do you think the odds of you getting anywhere near those weights would be?


^^Joke def intended there

you see people put so much power into gaining of losing ‘a pound’ but have zero conception of what that actually looks like

but its something we put so much value into we can actually let it dictate our entire mood – how we feel, even how we act sometimes

it’s nuts!

If you don’t know Joe has a sausage dog called Fenton, super cool dog who hangs in the office with us

so my ‘special scales’ would weigh you in comparison to him

you would step on and instead of seeing some number you feel you should be dreading for whatever reason

it would just say

‘‘you weight 6.8 Fentons’‘

how would that make you feel?

you wouldn’t feel anything – thats my point

there is no frame of reference to how many Sausage dogs you ‘think you should’ weight

its not a unit of measurement that for whatever reason has complete power of your actions and emotions

it’s just a number to use as a frame of reference

Take your weight as a number but not a definition of success

the actions you take are much more important than weight a £5 set of scales from Argos say

concentrate on the process more – ticking off the right boxes

  • Sticking to your plan
  • Doing your activity
  • improving your choices
  • being more consistent

^^all these things will lead to you getting the results that you want no matter what how many Sausage dogs you weigh

if you go to shit anytime a weigh-in doesn’t go the way you want it to then its time to change the frame you are looking at this with

If you want help doing this then drop me an email at and I will let you know how we can help.


James ‘Under dog’ Walker

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