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STOP moaning about ONLY losing a pound

James Walker | Director

STOP moaning about losing 1/2 to 1 pound a week

I’ve interrupted my work day to treat myself to a little rant here….

I spend a lot of my work day (too much) as a nutrition coach trying to convince people that their weight losses are good. People are GUTTED when they lose 1/2 to 1 lb a week.


How many people do you know lost 2-4 stone last year? I run a nutrition company and we maybe had maybe 5 people lose this much. Because in week 1 people lose a drastic amount (mostly water) there is mistaken belief this will keep happening.

But, unless you have a lot to lose, it NEVER happens (read that bit again) it NEVER happens (and once more for good measure) it NEVER happens. Your body can only lose so much fat at once.

We’d all love to lose a stone of fat in 2 weeks but I’d also like a million pounds and a Ferrari, but these things take time.

I just sent this a client of mine:��

“I just find it mind boggling people are so hard on themselves when they are making progress. I think people need to take a step back, have a deep breath and a quiet word and ask themselves if they are being realistic. How many weeks did you not lose or gain to get where you are now? I’ve had 100’s of weeks doing this and you’ve had 4 weeks in a row of doing the opposite of this. Of course, it’d be nice to lose 5lbs a week but this is fantasy land. Unless you are 20 stone ish it’s never going to happen so where does this belief it will happen beyond your first week come from?”

��Repeat after me, half a pound a week until August is a stone of fat.

Fat loss is hard. You need to be positive and focussed to get to your goal so why make it harder by criticising yourself for taking a step closer. think rationally and congratulate yourself for your progress.

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