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Why SLIMMING WORLD didn't work for you

James Walker | Director

ooooooooooooooh Juicy Blog title right there for you isn’t it!

OK, so lets get one thing clear

this is not a Slimming World bashing email

not at all———————-after all these systems DO work for some people

BUT<<<—————— You know I love a big but!

The fact that you are on my emails (and read them)

tells me that maybe you aren’t quite where you want to be and are still looking for something?

Am I right?

If I am and you want more details on how we can help you then message the page or you can drop me an email at


Back to the subject!

You know the script with these ‘Diet clubs’

you pay your fees, you get your Syns allocated, you get your info and away you go

check in once per week in your local Church Hall

and shock horror

you have to weigh in in front of EVERYONE

Hmmmmm not the most enjoyable experience for some people!

then if you have lost

straight to the fricking chippy!

if you haven’t lost then a definite feeling of despair and……..

straight to the fricking chippy!

Anyone with me so far?————————anyone been there so far???

I mean we see some crazy posts in some of the slimming world groups

‘‘How do I lose 7lbs for tomorrow but still eat a load of cheese?’‘

was a personal favourite of mine recently…

you see with the only focus of the weekly weigh in

it drives people to do all sorts of crazy stuff

Starving themselves on the day

Dehydrating themselves to be lighter

^^this just gives people an unhealthy relationship with their weight

there are 101 different reasons your weight will fluctuate

you have probably experienced ALL of them

yet when you step on those scales in that little church hall in front of everyone

if it doesn’t go the way you want it to

and because you don’t actually know any better – because you haven’t been taught any better

you feel…..



>A Failure

and its just because you didn’t or DON’T know any better

this is EXACTLY why we work the way we work at Sustain

you can focus on the process

You can ‘Iron out’ the habits, behaviours and choices that you have been making that actually take you further away from where you want to be

Most importantly, you can be…..


Tick all the right boxes each day and the results will come

you don’t need to starve yourself

not drink anything

and then binge after

you just need to build a sensible plan that fits around your life, lets you live the way you want to

AND gets the results you want

When your ready, you know where we are


James ‘Captain Sensible’ Walker

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