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Make loosing weight part of the process

James Walker | Director

We all know that all too familiar feeling when you finally realise that actually it’s you that has got bigger and not your clothes getting smaller.

Eek – it’s time to diet!

We have all been there.

Been a little lax on the food and drink choices and gained a few extra pounds of chub.

So, you sum up enough courage to step on the scales and see exactly where you are at.

Shock horror – how can this be?

And so, you begin your diet – food being prepped, cakes declined, your Friday night at the bar becomes a bar in the weights section and your Saturday morning hangover becomes a brisk park run.

You all with me so far?
Imagine this is all sounding pretty familiar to most.

Your goal is to burn off this bit of excess blubber you have acquired over the past few months and your doing everything right.


You step on the scales and SHOCK HORROR, they don’t move, or even worse they might bob up a pound!

Why is life so cruel????

You instantly feel disheartened and run to the nearest Millies cookies for 3 pizza sized cookies. after all you have gone through all this dieting and the scales STILL aren’t doing what you want

I KNOW this is sounding familiar to you!

Now I can bang on for hours about what can affect your scale weight – water, carbohydrate intake, salt intake, hormones, digestion, inflammation are just a few that can make your weight jump up and down more than a 3 year old on a trampoline!

If weighing yourself completely dictates your mood and feelings of success or failure then for me you are focusing on the wrong thing.

You are putting TOO MUCH emphasis on the end result instead of the process.

When you focus on the process you get a positive, momentum filled list of goodies that push you towards your goals.

If I go back to the opening line——————-

‘’ Been a little lax on the food and drink choices and gained a few extra pounds of chub’’

^^You gained the weight because you were making poor choices with your food and drink so by design if you improve these choices then the chub will fall off right?

The process of eating less junk, increasing the protein, veg and water, moving around more, hitting the gym, going for runs will all create the fat loss you desire as a SIDE EFFECT

Pretty cool right?

Try it, you might just like it.

Don’t let your progress or success be determined by a 60sec naked weigh in on a Monday morning, instead look to accomplish certain tasks.

Build that momentum of health and wellbeing and the unwanted weight will fall off – trust me, I do this for a living.

Tick your way to success, doing the right things day in a day out are more important than your gravitational pull at a set point.

If you are looking to break through this ‘OLDSCHOOL’ thought pattern that you have been locked into for so many years then this is exactly what we can do for you as coaches.

If your ready for a new era of smashing results and are ready to change then reply to this email with ‘Sustain’ as the title and I will give you more details


James ‘Ticked off’ Walker

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