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James Walker | Director

What’s the old saying?

‘‘Too many cooks spoil the broth…’‘

That’s the one^^

It’s perfect for this time of year as one man and his dog will be piping up with their very own special diet advice

‘‘Well Sandra from HR did Keto and lost a stone in a day!’‘

‘‘My Dave only eats between 12 and 8 and it’s falling off him’‘

‘‘I heard that if you drink vinegar and lemon juice it melts fat from the inside out’‘

You know the usual water cooler talk…

Eat this, not this

This is good, this is bad

No, no this is bad and this is good

By the end of the conversation you don’t know your arse from your elbow

What you should or shouldn’t be eating or even when you should be eating

and then there are the

Shake Diets
Fat burning pills
Military Diet
Soup Diet
Special coffees and fricking tea’s

When it comes to weight loss


has an opinion – an ingredient you might say

The problem is, if you listen to everyone you end up with either

no soup


Soup that tastes like sH*t

and nobody wants that!

My advice is always to pick just one and do that for one or two months – see how it works for you

make sure you pick something you think you can stick to, something you can see yourself still doing in 6 months time

^^This is SUPER important

if you can’t see yourself ever eating carbs again then guess what, Keto isn’t for you

don’t want to live the rest of your life having 2 shakes for meals a day then that ain’t for you either

If you work with us we can show you EXACTLY what ingredients to use

what recipe to follow

and cut through the confusion and misinformation out there for you

We can make your soup plentiful and delightful

because nobody wants a bowl of sh*t soup

When you are ready email james@sustainnutrition with the heading ‘Sustain’ and I will get back to you with some more details


James ‘Kitchen Nightmare’ Walker

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