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''I would do ANYTHING to Lose Weight....BUT....''

James Walker | Director

I am often Gob Smacked by some of the extreme lengths that people will go to in an attempt to lose weight

Trying to survive on pepper and maple syrup diets,
Only drinking shakes,
Cabbage Soups,
Military Diet (Nothing military about it?),
Fat Binding pills that make you sh*t your pants
And super expensive coffee and teas that do precisely F**K all…

Make it easy for yourself
Just don’t eat like an idiot and you will you be fine

Make sure you do more of the ‘right’ things than you do the ‘wrong’ things
Make the majority of your food solid, nutritious choices and look to limit the higher calorie foods that you tend to overeat and cause you to gain weight

I mean surely that is more sensible and EASIER than drinking cayenne pepper and soiling yourself???

Yes or No – you tell me…


James ‘Sweet Loaf’ Walker

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