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Are YOU Making Progress?

James Walker | Director


Simple question – not so simple to answer!

I see loads of people hang all of their self worth on what the scales say at one single moment in time

I see even more people stuck in this ‘Diet Trap’ of thinking foods are ‘Good’ or ‘Bad’

And I see even more stuck in an ‘All or Nothing’ Mentality where they will massively restrict themselves and then if they have one item of food they Deem to be ‘Bad’ then this causes a tail spin into the biscuit and gin cupboard..

^^Any of this sounding familiar so far?

Well, in my humble yet highly accurate opinion all the above approaches are F**king stupid – Pardon my French

Progress isn’t just going to be measured in weight loss or by how long you can try to resist eating certain foods (until you face plant them)

Progress for me would be making controlled, conscious choices and being realistic about them.

It’s OK to go out for a meal and have some wine, it’s OK to go to the pub with your mates and have a couple of Gin & Tonics and you better have a slice of your kids Birthday Cake or something they baked.

Progress is much more than a number on a scales or how many days you can go without something

You just need to be sensible and realistic, learn these skills and you will be set for life

It’s what we do here at Sustain – take the stress, confusion and worry out of your diet

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James ‘Jammy’ Walker

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