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Be more Cat!

James Walker | Director

Be More Cat

Sitting here as I write this email Sookie (my cat) is in a deep cat nap, not a care in the world.

I however have been up since 5.30am coaching clients, writing emails, editing videos and creating content for the Sustain pages.

This is a typical day for me, with obvious breaks in to cook & eat and then the near daily gym session to beak it up with a afternoon of mainly the same!

Now I am not complaining, don’t get me wrong – I love running Sustain


Sitting at a desk all day slumped over a computer is doing me no good, my lower back is sore, hip mobility has gone to sh!t & I have constant knots in my upper back from typing!

This has had a knock on effect with my training as I have had a few tweaks on the old back when deadlifting too.

So not cool.

So with the new business comes so many ideas, how to improve it, get it out to wider audiance, subjects for videos, blogs, so many that its not uncommon for me to get up at 2am to have to write them down or plan them out ( then not get back to sleep).

Meetings to go to, deadlines for Blogs, people to coach, videos to film & edit the list goes on and on (again but I love it!)

Then I look at Sookie, asleep on the couch, occasionally gets up has a stretch, something to eat, look out the window to see whats going on in the street, bit more of a stretch back to the couch.

Now I certainly am not promoting eating cat food and sleeping for 22 hours a day.

What I am promoting is that we all need to take time out to relax a little, move a little, have some time to ourselves.

Get up form your desk and take a little walk, leave your phone in your draw, pop a few stretches in the office, yes people will look at you a little strange but so what!

Take time out when you get home & gather your own thoughts – this could be in the form of some kind of guided meditation, listening to some music or even just taking a bath.

Get a foam roller and when you get in spend 30mins working the kinks out of that back, your body will thank you for it.

The important part is you take time out.

We recommend practicing Diaphragmatic breathing – a little way out for us I know but it works

Find your work life balance, take time out to move and enjoy yourself.

Every aspect of your life will improve.




Its a big world out there and whilst I appreciate we all have to make a living there is a lot going on and to quote Ferris Bueller (again showing my age!)

‘‘Life moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it’‘

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