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Sustain in 60 - Best alcohol for fat loss

James Walker | Director

James Walker: Sustain in 60.

Joe Robinson: Drinks choices. So, this time of year especially, it’s going to be, well, all year round, people will be taking in calories from alcohol so we need to find the best strategies that you can still enjoy your life without gaining weight excessively.

JW: So quite often we’ll recommend that people will put an amount or limit of drinks that they’ll have, so they might say I’m going to have five drinks tonight. But then if you have five glasses of wine compared to five gin, slimline tonics it’s a massive calorie difference so the choice of drinks that you have is also going to influence the amount of calories that you take in.

JR: Yeh, so if look at things like wine, lager, cider they are going to be a higher calorie choice where things like your spirit mixers, especially low-calorie mixers, your prosecco’s, champagnes. If you’ve got a few more quid. Then they’re going to be easy ways you can halve your calorie intake, while still having the same number of drinks.

JW: So you can still have fun, you can still have a few drinks, but then as opposed to just limiting the amount that you have you can also limit the choices that you have as well and that’s going to have a greater impact on your calories.

JR: Yeah, you just need to look longer term and think is this going to make a big difference my nights, whether I have gin or wine , because it probably will have a big impact on the results, if you look over the course of weeks, months and years.

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