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Sustain in 60: Best exercise for fat loss

James Walker | Director

Sustain in 60! Exercise enjoyment.

Joe Robinson: So one of the most popular questions we get is “What’s the best exercise for fat loss?” and it’s our view that it’s the exercise that you’re going to do.

James Walker: Yes there’s going to be optimal systems, there’s going to be optimal workouts, things like that, but if you don’t do those consistently ,because you don’t enjoy them and you find excuses not to do them, then they’re not going to be optimal. I’d rather you did something that is sub-optimal, that you’re going to do consistently and you’re going to enjoy.

JR: Ultimately, the people who are best at keeping their weight off are the ones who do the most exercise, so it’s no good doing
something that’s really effective for a short period of time, that you can’t keep doing for the rest of your life. So you need to find something that gives you pleasure and enjoyment and you actually look forward to doing or at least you feel good after doing it, and then consistently do that. There’s going to be no benefit from doing something for six weeks and giving in.

JW: I’m not massive fan of Zumba but if you’re going to go to Zumba three / four times a week and really enjoy it, that’s going to be better than you hanging around in the back of a circuit class pretending to do burpees.

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