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Sustain in 60: BMI Bashing

James Walker | Director

James Walker: Sustain in 60!

Joe Robinson: BMI bashing, so today we have a little talk about BMI!

JW: A 60 second talk! So, BMI, body mass index, it’s the scale that you’ll get measured on if go to the doctors, for insurance etc. So a lot of people get upset with this number because it says they are overweight or obese, because it’s come out on a graph that says you are too heavy for a weight according to the general population overview. So it’s very common for fitness enthusiast / experts to bash BMI, saying it’s out dated, and say it’s height versus weight, so it’s doesn’t give you a real representation of what your body fat is. Now, BMI is for general population so for myself and Joe, it doesn’t work, it doesn’t make sense because we’re heavy, because we carry a lot of muscle, but it’s for general population.

JR: There’s always going to be outliers, there’s going to be the exceptions to the rules, but on the whole it is accurate because it’s been taken from a huge group of people, so, take it with a pinch of salt but it may be telling the truth.

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