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Enjoy the Process

James Walker | Director

Enjoy the process Often in the industry we operate in there are certain scenarios that don’t resonate very well with people, so finding real world scenarios they are more familiar with is a great way to explain situations.

Today’s slightly tenuous example is complaining when dieting which I’m going to transform into driving your children somewhere. I don’t have children but I often find them really annoying and often want to tell other people’s kids off for being brats so I can only imagine the frustration of driving one somewhere!

Skimming through my messages and my Facebook feed often leads to a multitude of messages and posts of clients complaining about how hard dieting is. I’m not going to contest that, breaking bad habits is HARD, no one wakes up and thinks I cant wait to choose broccoli over a dustbin lid sized pizza and enough full fat coke to drown a cat. BUT these people are focusing on the wrong thing and often at the wrong time.

If you are driving your child to a destination of a lifetime, say, Butlins, and they started complaining before the door had closed (AKA day 1 or 2) you would explain the benefits of getting into the car and all of the benefit to come AKA the end result.

1 – Focus on the end result, not the method to keep spirits high. (And also we’ve hardly set off yet, so shut up)People then get frustrated and feel left out / hard done by / the worst situation the world has ever encountered ever (ever) when they have to follow their path and have veg instead of chips or water instead of beer. This is the halfway point your bundle of joy (your words) is starting to kick up a stink, its hot / uncomfortable and boring. But you know best this is worth it, the boring couple of hours to have a week away in Scarborough bliss!

2 – You have to persevere along a path to get to any worthwhile destination. The more breaks you have the slower the journey. The wrong turn / post code issue near the destination. Many an iPhone have been held in a vice like grip as a result of this blood pressure threatening scenario. People do the hard graft, they begin to ingrain habits, they break the back of the problem then one little blip and they turn the car round and drive home. “If you do that again we are going home!” And people actually drive home! Are you kidding me?! You’ve done all this work, gotten so close to your holiday, your dream, and you’ve sacked it off, turned our car around and gone home!?

3 – Don’t give in. You are often closer than you think.

From the dieters perspective these problems are always hard obstacles to navigate but its about finding methods and mindsets to overcome them. Today was day 33 of our personal 9 week diet, so just over halfway, and I passed up on a box of chocolates at a course I attended.

Two thought processes I could have had: 1 – I’m so disappointed I didn’t get to eat a chocolate Or the option I took 2 – I am consciously choosing not to have a chocolate because it will benefit my health and aesthetics goals.

I got genuine pleasure from having the strength to not give in to temptation. And besides is this one chocolate going to make a difference to my life? No, in the grand scheme of things the only thing it might do is trigger a binge and undo the last 33 days of hard work. And then who’s the fool?!

This is not an easy place to get to but the further I get into a diet the more I think this way. Am I looking forward to it finishing and having a freer choice of foods? Yes! Am I going to give in before my end goal? Over my cold, dead (and hopefully shredded) body.

Find small pleasures and victories rather than focusing on the negatives and turn the moments that bring you down into moments that bring you up! Feeling sorry for yourself helps no-one and will only alienate you further. Focus on the goal and celebrate each small victory as a step closer to your goals. The pleasure of chips instead of veg NEVER outweighs the positive reactions I see (and experience myself) when progress pictures show a drastic change. Get your head in the right mind frame and everything becomes exponentially easier.


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