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Issues with Vegan / Vegetarian dieting and ''The Revoluton''

James Walker | Director

Issues with Vegan / Vegetarian Dieting and “The Revolution”

First things first, before I’m tarred, feathered and left howling in agony at the hands of internet / Leeds vegans and vegetarians I would like to state a, I’m not a vegan or vegetarian and b, I have no issue with vegans or vegetarians. Much like obscure sexual preferences you can do what you like, it has no effect on me, as long as you don’t force it down my throat …. I couldn’t help myself ….

As a nutritional coach who LOVES his job and as a personal trainer prior to that I have a vast experience working in the trenches with people from all sorts of backgrounds, primarily for 2 things. Number 1 – Fat loss. The HUGE majority of gym goers would include fat loss to some degree in their goals, VERY few people want to get fatter, but if you do I have an excellent eating plan for that! Number 2 – Health. Everyone wants to live a healthier life, feel better and know they are taking steps or actions to be “healthier”. Working with these people there are several common factors that span all ages, genders and sexes that run consistent and true like bad acting through Hollyoaks. These made up the foundation of the Sustain Nutrition Ten Commandments with which we have been helping people lose weight and be healthier for the past 4 months. As well as the 15 years previous during which myself and James of Sustain have worked as personal trainers. So we know our shit!

I was contacted by a friend earlier this week who’s concern was the lack of variety and effectiveness of vegan / vegetarian fat loss systems. As the co-owner of a nutritional system (designed for health, performance and fat loss) I was aware of the limitations of a vegan / vegetarian diet but did little to help solve the problem. Until now.

Sustain is launching its first trial of our Vegan / Vegetarian plan (snappier name in the pipeline) THIS Monday. We are offering anyone who is interested a free 7 day trial in order to assess the system, tell us what YOU need and how it can be made more effective. For FREE.

Sustain’s effectiveness is buried in the accountability and contact provided by the trainer. The various situations occur from off the shelf plans.
1- Buy a plan, don’t follow it, stop.
2 – Buy a plan, get stuck, stop.
3 – Buy a plan, follow it, success, eventually stop.

By giving you access to a nutritional coach everyday this enables plans to be personalised, scaled up or down, and most importantly, gives YOU accountability to someone EVERY DAY. This has proved hugely effective so far and we are confident this will revolutionise Vegan / vegetarian eating for both health and fat loss.

So, what are the problems with current vegan / vegetarian dietary systems? In no particular order my friend said to me.

They don’t work
They focus too much on juices, cheese and grains
They include too much processed food
They are low fat
The portions are simply too big
Those who promote them have been athletic their whole lives and their systems are not effective for all.

I will quickly go through these and explain why focusing on the above is so detrimental to both health and fat loss.

Juices – Remove the fibre and satiating effect of food. Whilst this is one great way to get vegetables into someone’s diet, it also gives fruit a larger surface area with which to be absorbed. This is only going to spike blood sugar and for those who don’t metabolise carbohydrates well (AKA use sugar) this will be more likely to be stored as fat and leave people lacking energy.

Cheese – Whilst delicious (I’m well aware of how delicious it is!) cheese is very calorie dense and easy to overeat. Overconsumption of calories is detrimental to health and fat loss. Whilst cheese in its production is “natural” this doesn’t mean calories have no relevance, it isn’t a health food to be eaten freely and cannot be consumed with reckless abandon without side effects.

Grains – In regards to the ones most readily consumed, grains are so heavily processed some blame them for the health crisis currently gripping the west. Auto immune disease is heavily influenced by intestinal permeability and with grains at the forefront of this a system that focuses on consuming grains should be viewed with, at best, caution. or in my opinion, avoided like the wild eyed tramp at the train station.

Processed food – (includes pasta and cereals) interrupts digestion, hormonal processes and generally makes you unhealthy. No other dietary strategy would recommend consuming more processed foods such as pasta. The food pyramid has been castigated in fitness and nutrition circles for DECADES but is still used by some vegan and vegetarian plans.

Low fat / high carbs – It’s a scientific fact, carbs are delicious. It’s also true not everyone deals with carbs the same way. Naturally athletic (mesomorphs) or thin (ectomorphs) typically deal really well with carbohydrates. This means a diet of fruit and carbohydrates will give them energy and keep them lean. But this doesn’t help those who aren’t naturally lean. In fact it makes things worse for them by giving them macronutrients their body struggles to deal with. Leaving people gaining weight and lacking energy. The proof is in the pudding (/ carbs) and a system needs to be flexible enough to account for individual variation. Fat is also essential for hormone production, vitamin absorption, energy and satiety, a focus too heavy on carbohydrates neglects this and will make people less healthy.

Portions – No one wants to have to eat 2kgs of food at every meal to feel full. It’s awkward and lacks sustainability. Sustain is about creating a plan that can be followed forever, including some fats in the diet will improve health and make a diet easier in regards portion sizes. It will also work really well for those individuals who are more endomorphic / react well to fats / want to lose body fat.

Those who promote them – I am 6’3 and have always been athletic. This does not mean I am the foremost expert on being tall and athletic. If someone is overweight and they then transform into someone athletic. They are still not the expert on body transformations! They have discovered what wrks for THEM, this does not mean it will work for you! A good coach or system needs a flexible approach that can be adapted to the individual, makes people healthier and gets them the results they want simultaneously. To say “it worked for me, it can work for you” is either an outright lie to make money or ignorant to the individual variance of the human body. Neither of which make a good coach for someone trying to lose weight and be healthier.

Sustain Nutrition’s approach is NOT massively restrictive (we give free reign within our commandments) and we do not focus on calorie counting (who can be bothered with that?!) We focus on building good habits (The Commandments) that over time become ingrained and will ultimately lead to more successful, sustainable and most importantly healthier results.

If you want to join our plan for a free 7 days it starts THIS Monday (1st of February). To register your interest send us your email at the link below.

Peace, love and lots of veggies,
Sustain Nutrition

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