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Sustain in 60: Navigating difficult situations

James Walker | Director

James Walker: Sustain in 60!

Joe Robison: Making sensible choices. So, often there are times when you aren’t going to be able to eat optimally, you aren’t going to be able to have your protein and your veggies, so you need to have an alternative solution in the bank, which
is …

JW: Be. Sensible. So if I go to my brother’s house and all he’s got is pizza for lunch. If I have two slice’s of pizza my day is not ruined. I’m not going to ruin any chance I’ve got of losing weight that week. I’ve just eaten a meal that’s probably not that high in nutrition and not going to be that filling but it’s not ruined my day.

JR: The trick here is just to keep your calories under control,so you may have to make sure this is a meal when you do finish and you’re a little bit hungry because the other option is to double up or triple and have four or six slices of pizza which is going to be much more than you need so you need to just dial it back a little bit and then make better choices either before or after in order to make it easier to them keep your day under control.

JW: So if you don’t have control over your choices then you can control your portions which will lower your calories, so if you go to like a works lunch then you just have some sandwiches, don’t have sandwiches, crisps, and some cake.

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