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Sustain in 60 - 1 little blip

James Walker | Director

James Walker: Sustain in 60.

Joe Robinson: One little blip. So today I’m going talk about what happens when people have a little error on their plan.

JW: So people have this kind of mindset where if they make one slip, like you have a couple of biscuits, a packet of crisps, a drink, that the entire day is written off until midnight and then you can start again the following day.

JR: Or you can start getting the following week and so people enter this cycle where they constantly have one small blip and they’re too hard of themselves, but ultimately you need to look at things in the grand scheme of things and think about how much you are eating over the course of a week and that one small error is not going to have a massive impact on your progress.

JW: Yeah if you eat a couple of cookies you’re going to add a couple of hundred calories max to your day, that’s it. So it’s even more important to get the next meal right and the next after that correct, instead of throwing your toddler (?!).

JR: Teddies?

JW: Yeh! Out of the pram and just kind of writing the entire day off. It’s exactly the same thing if you had a horrific breakfast, a horrific lunch, a horrific dinner. You wouldn’t fix that day by eating an apple.

JR: So just don’t be too hard yourselves and make sure that if you do have an error to just get back on plan as soon as you can.

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