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Sustain in 60: Pleasurable fat loss

James Walker | Director

James Walker: Sustain in 60.

Joe Robinson: Pleasure versus happiness. So, one of the things we often see is people getting the two things confused and people will eat off plan, thinking that it’s going to make them happy, when actually, it’s just a pleasurable action.

So, what this means is that happiness is ultimately something that’s not going to always be pleasurable. If you look at the things that make you happiest in your life maybe it’s your career or your business (insert: or family!) not every part of that is going to be enjoyable.

Ultimately just focusing on pleasure isn’t always going to make you happy.

James Walker: Yes it’s kind of looking beyond this short-term pleasure and looking for the long-term pleasures, like Joe said, people will think eating a pizza, eating some chocolate cake, will bring them pleasure but it’s very, very short term, and in fact it’s going bring them long-term pain because they’re not getting to where they want to be.

So you need to look beyond that short-term pleasure / long-term pain and look for short-term pain of not eating that pizza or only half of that pizza, for the long term happiness it’s going to deliver.

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