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Summer bodies start now!

James Walker | Director

Summer bodies start now!

If you are wanting to be in the best shape of your life this summer then the time to start is now!

How many times have you left it too late and on the beach its been more ‘ suns out GUTS out’ than ‘suns out GUNS out’?

As two personal trainers we have often been asked by clients to help them prep for an imminent holiday. Our first question of ‘’When do you go?’’ Is tragically often met with responses such as ‘’In 2 weeks!”

You can go on a crash diet eating a teaspoon of maple syrup for breakfast and a cracker with a eyelash for lunch and drop 10lbs in that two weeks but that ‘weight’ will be made up of water and muscle, leaving you looking flat and ill! – Until you start eating on holiday and pile the 10lbs back on plus some more due to the fact that your body has slowed your metabolism & thyroid thanks to the 2 weeks extreme low calories – Extra baggage anyone?

12 weeks is a very realistic time frame to make some BIG changes to your physique, this time period will take you right up to June – Primetime!

A good rate of fat loss is 1-2 pounds per week, this will obviously vary on the amount of weight someone has to lose.

Although this may seem like a small amount to a seasoned Yo Yo dieter per week, you will have a far greater chance of keeping this weight off permanently, plus 12 × 2 is 24lbs (1st 10lbs) certainly going to make a dint in anyone’s rubber ring!

So Sustain’s top holiday count down tips!

Don’t go too hard too fast! –The temptation is in all of us for fast results but training twice per day and eating a minimal amount of food will only lead to quick burn out and ultimate failure, your body will plateau at some point along the weight loss journey and this is when you need to have things like exercise/calories to play with to get it kick started again. Or more likely you will give in because it’s so DAMN HARD.

Food first! – No amount of exercise will make up for a sloppy diet, if you only have 1 spare hour per day then it should be used to prep food and not exercise. Good nutrition will have a far greater impact on your physique and therefore should take priority!
Resistance training – That’s right even you ladies, lifting weights in the gym will have a two fold effect 1. It will help get you leaner, through the actual weight training which will burn fat and help you maintain your muscle mass. Remember the scientific equation: Your body – muscle mass = You look the same as last year. Muscle burns calories while you rest so forfeiting it while chasing a drop in the scales is counterproductive. 

2. It will add shape to your body, there’s no point stripping away all that bodyfat to look like a ironing board on the beach (probably should of said Surf board really!)

Log everything! – Tracking food is proven to make people lose weight, it will stop ‘mindless eating’ (a few biscuits with a cuppa a few times per day soon adds up) and also allow you to see areas where you will be able to cut back slightly when you need to. The same goes with workouts, plan a session and record it, this way you can track progress.

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