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Training Blog #2

James Walker | Director

Training log #2
Date: 29/3
Current goal: Add mass
Current nutrition: Healthy and being tracked (day 2 though….)
Last week. Dumbbell bench 40×9. Deadlift 160×7
This week. Dumbbell bench 44×9. Deadlift 165×8

With the hell of our twice weekly leg sessions and the purgatory of our twice weekly upper body sessions lies the nirvana that is Tuesday abs and boxing. Whilst direct abdominal work is often laughed at, and in many cases, rightly so, think Tommy Ten Tummies using a slender tone. But for those who have serious ambitions to reach these low levels of body fat some direct ab work will be of benefit. So we have a day, that would otherwise be used for rest, to help strengthen our core and thicken our abs so when Sustain Photoshoot 2017 is in progress we will have less blubber to fight through to reveal our abs below. Such is our vanity this is of importance to us. Each to their own.

Logging our training sessions means we know exactly what weights and reps we are aiming for to make progress and coming off very low carbs and high cardio to more carbs and absolutely zero cardio (I’m writing this lying down) we are both making good strength gains. James can now do 3 pull ups and I’ve finally gotten past ten push ups. Both of us are making progress each session so fingers crossed this continues and we can bring updates of more strength gains.

Personally my food has taken a turn for the positive this week. After loudly claiming last week would be THE week for me to kickstart a new hard working regime it turns out I was full of shit and I actually meant this week. Climbing back on the wagon can often be a hard, repetitive process that leaves people frustrated. And I empathise with this. It has now been two weeks since our photoshoot (and 2 days) and Monday (16 days post shoot) was the first day I stuck to my diet properly. Yes I know, that’s a lot of shit food. BUT I am back on board, and this is the most important part, I am back in the game and although two weeks off isn’t great I haven’t undone all my hard work. Thankfully. Keep an eye out for my next blog post on why not making excuses is the key to making progress. I really feel this has played a big part in getting back on the nutrition wagon as fast as I did (old me would’ve been off a lot longer than two weeks I’m ashamed to say!)

Although it’s not all good news, whilst training and nutrition has been on point our mobility has taken a massive hit, I say massive, mine has always been less than acrobatic, more wardrobe esque. But both of us noticed we have gotten less mobile. An unfortunate side effect of more sitting and leaning over laptops typing rather than being in a gym environment, training clients and teaching classes!

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