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Training Blog #3

James Walker | Director
  • End of Week 3 on Bent Nose’s bulk. 

    Training blog Mk. III

    Date: 9/4/2016 Weight: 103.6 kg / 16’4.5 / Baby Orca Strength: Medium sized bear Chest hair regrowth post photo shoot: Pathetic

    So I’ve no idea how long its been since we started our new training plan as I cant even log my training in one place successfully but I think it’s 3 weeks, it feels like I’ve been lost and sea with no way of measuring time. 4 weeks post photo shoot and the first time I’ve weighed myself. Tracking your progress at it’s finest. FFS.

    Thankfully I have been tracking my training and so I can bring you these training progression highlights for me this week:

    Lat pull 113kgx9 vs 107kgx8 Squat 145kgx7 vs 135kgx9, Deadlift 170kgx9 vs165kgx8 and Dumbbell bench press 44×9 vs 46×8

    Prognosis – Getting stronger. Obviously. Adding more weight to my lifts for similar numbers of reps or for some lifts more weight and more reps. Bonus. Not been taking photos or measurements, which may sound like its going against our methodology but my strength is of primary concern. I will be gauging success off my lifts and bodyweight primarily.

    When looking to add muscle mass weighing yourself each week isn’t the best idea, as you are looking for scale increases but in reality you shouldn’t really see much. Even half a pound a week of muscle is nearly 2 stone in a year, and these are absolute beginner / steroid user gains so making sure I’m getting stronger and not gaining too much weight is my priority, rather than focusing on the scale going up.

    Me at anywhere between 16 and 20: “Yes I’ve gained 4 kilos this month.” Me now: “Most of thats fat dipshit. You haven’t added 9lbs of pure muscle in 4 weeks. Try again.”

    Sums it up quite well.

    I actually feel a little leaner at 103 than I did in previous weeks so I’m going to add 100 calories into my diet this week. I tracked my food this week to discover my 4,500 calorie training days were in fact 5000. Oops. But as my body fat has been stable (as far as I can tell) Whats most important is its at a level I am happy with. If I get too fat I will pull back and drop fat but for now the aim is eat more and get bigger. I will try to add a little more in now. If my weight jumps too fast (more than 1lb) I will hold my calories at 5100, if it stays the same I will add more (5200) and if it goes up by a lot (2lbs + possibly) then I will drop back down (5000). The aim of the game is to get calories as high as possible without moving from Orca to Walrus in the animal comparison stakes.

    As is ALWAYS the way tracking food and training works wonders for keeping your mind engaged on what you are trying to achieve and if you want to succeed this is a fundamental starting point.

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