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Weight loss without exercise

James Walker | Director

How to lose weight without exercise. Say whaaat?!

Lots of people think that you need to exercise to lose weight but this isn’t the case. There’s a lot of people who are limited with their exercise, whether that be through injury, location, can’t be arsed, whatever it is, there’s loads of different ways you can lose weight without exercising.

1 – Mindfulness

Number one is mindfulness, so this is more awareness of your eating. First of all, we need to eat slowly, so try not to eat when you’re on the run, if you can, if you do get the opportunity then sit down and have a proper meal instead of running around and just snacking. This would also come to eating without distractions so you think about when you’re watching TV or in the cinema, it’s really easy to just mindlessly eats and suddenly you’ve gone through £8.50 worth of pick a mix, or 500g. Or once I’ve had 2 pieces.

Make sure you’re focusing on what you’re doing, eat slowly, put your knife and fork down between bites. You don’t need to shovel your food as fast as possible and it’ll help you keep you a lot fuller and therefore you won’t overeat. I would also advise eat your proteins first, then your vegetables, and then your carbohydrates because you’ll be more likely to fill up on the proteins and the veggies before you get to the carbs which are going to be easier calories to eat.

2 – Eat more protein

Which takes us nicely onto our second point. Eating a high-protein diet is great for being able to lose weight without exercise because it’s got a thermogenic effect and it’s very, very filling. What you’ll find is when people eat a higher protein diet is they’ll naturally eat fewer calories just because protein is so filling. Ultimately it’s harder for your body to break down and it just means that your body’s fuller for longer. Whereas if you think about eating sugar and things like that, you don’t have that same satiating effect and people want to eat again and again. Blood sugar control whilst you’re dieting is key and eating protein, or a high-protein diet will help this massively. So you won’t have these cravings during the day.

3 – Eat high-fibre vegetables

This is exactly same as the next point which is veg, so ultimately you’re looking for foods that keep you full without them being really high-calorie. Especially if you can’t exercise, because you can’t burn off the extra. If you eat veg you’re going to be a lot fuller off very few calories and ultimately it’s going to make it easier to stick to your diet.

If you think of your daily calorie intake as being like a shopping budget, so you’ve only got so much to spend before you’re in debt. You need to be as frugal as you can with the things that you’re going to buy, so eating things like high-fibre veg are going to stretch that budget out further. Whereas if you know you spend your budget on something like a 2,000 calorie pizza you’ve not got any more calories in the rest of your day so you’re going to have to starve yourself and grit your teeth, which most people are going to struggle to do long-term.

4 – Drink more water

Next, water! One thing that we see a lot with our clients is they don’t drink enough water and often humans can confuse thirst for hungry so when they think they’re hungry they actually just thirsty and as soon as you put more water it makes it much easier because we’re eating less. You’ll find you’ll get more energy, your digestion will be better, you’ll be more alert, just everything improves once you’re hydrated.

5 – Sleep

Sleep is the next big one so a lot of people are unable to control their sleep but there are a lot of things you can do to improve the quality of your sleep. If you can’t sleep for longer than six hours you need to make sure you’re getting six good hours of sleep, we’ll go more into that later but the problem is if you don’t have this then ultimately it’s much easier to go off plan because your decision-making capabilities are reduced. Sleep quality is going to be key, over the quantity as Joe said, so if you’ve only got limited amount of time that you can sleep, say four or five hours then make them as good as possible. When you’re tired you’re going to be craving carbohydrates, you’re gonna crave higher calories and just simple for the fact that you’re up for longer so you’ll be wanting more calories to fuel your days.

The easiest ways to get round this are to shower before bed, to sleep in a darkened room, not use electronics and then supplements as well. So there’s loads of different things you can do if you haven’t done any of them and give them a go. (I’m trying to get Joe to try the shower before bed thing but he still isn’t doing it.)

6-Eat less processed food

The next thing is to limit your intake of processed foods, so the problem with lots of modern foods and convenience foods is they’re quite heavily processed, they’re made in factories and what this means is they’re broken down from their original ingredients then repackaged and reformed. So you think things like pizzas and crisps and things that aren’t grown in the wild and they’re made. They digest faster so ultimately they go into your body quicker, you have a rise in blood sugar, this is then dropped quickly afterwards and you’re hungry again, so you eat more.

I think people get a little bit confused with the processed food thing thinking, “Well, are canned tomatoes processed because they’ve been through a process. But as we said, look at foods that you can find in nature. That if every shop shut down in the world now you’d still be able to go and get. Processed are partially broken down so think about the difference between baby food. We make baby food because the child’s digestive system is not fully functional so they struggle to digest foods so you break it down, like a soup, it’s very easy to digest. The same thing happens with processed foods so if you have two thousand calories from a pizza it takes very little energy or expenditure for your body to break that down and it’s going to absorb thousands of calories. Whereas if you had 2,000 calories of salmon and veg it’s going to be a much bigger volume of food it’s going to take a lot longer to digest and so you’d be a lot fuller.

7 – Don’t drink calories

The last point is don’t drink your calories, so it can be a bit of a confusing one here, we don’t just mean things like sugary drinks and alcohol. Although that is included, we also mean things like smoothies. So often you get people taking healthy, nutritious ingredients: fruit, bananas, oats, nut butters, avocados ,agave syrup. Blending them down into a drink and the problem you’ve got there is it comes down to how fast you absorb it and ultimately a smoothie or a drink will make you feel full initially, because it fills your stomach, it’s a large volume, but it’ll absorb quickly so ultimately you don’t get that fullness and satiety long-term. It just doesn’t really add anything to it you, say if you’re trying to drink your smoothie then just do not fill up on things like nut butters and avocado and honey and syrup and chia seeds. In one meal. Because it’s just going to be in and out of your system and it’s almost a waste of calories that you’re eating. If you look on the side of an innocent smoothie or orange juice and it says seven oranges have gone into this, it’s really easy to drink that, but you won’t be able to eat it or you’d really struggle to and you’d be a lot fuller. So again it’s just you get a lot of calories in very quickly, without that fullness and ultimately you’re then going to end up taking on too much.

So all these tips are going to help you create a calorie deficit which is going to help with your weight loss, all without exercise.

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