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Why we do what we do part 2!

James Walker | Director

Here is a post I wrote today to our private groups on our mindset as coaches and our ambitions for both the business and the clients we are working with. I wouldn’t like to use the term cradle to grave as it sounds a bit ominous but I’d like to think our system is, or can be for those that buy into it. Below is the edited version of what we sent out …

Evening guys,

Quick one (just finished writing it, its not a quick one…) from me today, just sent a message to one of the guys I’m working with in one of the other groups but it is applicable to all of our clients so I thought I’d post it to you all.

Myself and James set up and now run Sustain full time for numerous reasons, benefits of working for ourselves, to make a living and also because we were forced out of our jobs! But the biggest motivation, and obviously the best way to achieve the second benefit mentioned above (money) is to generate exceptional results from our clients.

If we want to be successful at what we do we HAVE to be able to deliver great results. Now we’ve studied and practiced and tried and failed enough times to put us in a position to do this! I absolutely LOVE seeing people get results, the cons of having to answer a million questions in the opening week of Sustain is outweighed 100x over and more by the pros of seeing people get results.

The only thing that gives me more pleasure is achieving results myself, but as theres only one of me so thats a limited field! If I can deliver some disgustingly outrageous, unbelievable, sensational, how the f**k did they do that results then guess what? More people will come, more people will pay and we will be able to call Sustain a viable and successful business. Happy. Days. But whats the biggest caveat here? You. It’s our members. Getting people to follow the plan.

For anyone that has worked or been to a gym you will have seen a lot (and I have seen A LOT) of people pay for personal training and achieve absolutely rock all, for 100 different reasons, maybe their trainer, maybe themselves, who knows, (who cares?) Well, I do. If people pay their money and they follow the plan given to them then they should get results. Period. And you guys, and everyone who has paid onto and joined the Sustain plan thus far has done just that, followed the plan and achieved success. Everything we desire from this job stems from THAT ATTITUDE. If you don’t follow the plan and do as you’re told then the system falls down, the roots of the tree are ungrounded and myself and James find another way to put (large portions) of food on the table.

So thank you for sticking with the plan so religiously. Every action you take that helps you reach your goal you will be rewarded for. Every corner you cut will be reflected in your results, and I’m pleased to say I haven’t seen many of these so far! And if you don’t get results then there is an underlying reason that we will uncover.

My ultimate goal for the member I was talking to today is to work with him (and as many people as possible) for long time frames. I’m talking 12 months, if not more. Whatever it is that you want to achieve we want to write training and nutrition plans tailored to that and guide you into sticking to them. Given the right application from you, and the right input from us, means that over the course of 12 months, maybe less, maybe more, we can create some truly special / ridiculous results.

I want to see photos where people question if its the same person. But they also appreciate the time, effort and grind that has gone into it. And most importantly that its sustainable. 12 week transformations are great, but I’d guess they are more readily reversed than 12 month ones. This doesn’t mean spreading out your results from 12 weeks to 12 months but quadrupling what you achieve in a year.

Rather than 3 months of progression to then maintain, for those who are capable and willing we want 12 months of progression and steps forward. If the application we’ve seen so far this year is replicated over the course of the year I genuinely believe we will have some of the best transformations on the internet here at Sustain. But this is only possible through your efforts, so far and going forward, so thank you for sticking with the plan so well so far, but keep focused on long term goals and making steps towards them.

Very excited coach here looking forward to the rest of the year and seeing what results people achieve.


Sustain Nutrition

One very positive coach

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