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End yo-yo dieting once and for all with our simple, effective, family friendly fat loss programme.

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Fed up with diets that don’t deliver lifelong results?

When you join Sustain Coaching, you will work one-on-one with your very own fat loss coach. They will give you the accountability, education and support you need to get the body you’ve always wanted, and sustain it.

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Sustain Coaching is a totally personalised fat loss plan, that fits around you and your lifestyle.

Unlike other off-the-shelf weight loss plans, our 100% personalised programme means you can achieve your fat loss goal without sacrificing the food you actually like eating.

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What do you get with Sustain Coaching?

What's included


  • No weighing with our easy portion sizing system
  • Family friendly plan
  • Choose the foods you enjoy and work for you
  • Gain control and learn how to balance treats

What's included


  • Wide range of plans suitable for all levels
  • Personalised advice and education
  • Both home and Gym options available
  • New plans each month

What's included


  • Learn how to change YOUR bad habits
  • Goal setting exercises to remain focused
  • How to stay motivated
  • Willpower training
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How Sustain Coaching works

Month #1

You will be assigned your very own fat loss coach who will learn all about you and your abilities with our comprehensive discovery questionnaire. They will help you set your goal and check in daily to monitor your progress and give you guidance and support.


Month #2

You will already see great results from your plan. By working with your coach, you have a better understanding of your pitfalls and have started to develop tactics for handling food and alcohol at special occasions like parties, weddings and weekends.


Month #3

Your body has undergone huge changes and your dream weight has become a reality. You’ve redefined your relationship with food. You’re in control of your eating habits again. You feel happy and confident in the fact that your new mindset means ‘dieting’ is now a thing of the past.

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Sustain Coaching has already changed the lives of 1000s of people with our easy to follow, family friendly system. Ready to join them?

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