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Sustain coaching helps busy woman become happier, more confident and in control.

Your personal coach will be there to help support, educate and keep you focused during your journey.

From £47 per month.

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Do you know what to do but are still not doing it?

We know that being accountable for your food choices is the real game changer. Expert guidance and daily check-ins with your nutrition coach will keep you on track, help identify areas of improvement and give you the encouragement and support needed to get the body you’ve always wanted.

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Sustain coaching is more than just a weight loss plan

We are here to help. We have multiple training plans from home to gym, beginner to advanced. We can also offer advice on your current approach too. Our main concern is you enjoy what you do.

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What you get with Sustain Coaching

What's included


  • No weighing with our easy portion sizing system
  • Family friendly plan
  • Choose the foods you enjoy and work for you
  • Gain control and learn how to balance treats

What's included


  • Wide range of plans suitable for all levels
  • Personalised advice and education
  • Both home and Gym options available
  • New plans each month

What's included


  • Learn how to change YOUR bad habits
  • Goal setting exercises to remain focused
  • How to stay motivated
  • Willpower training
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How Sustain Coaching works

Month One

During the first month we learn all about you and your abilities with our discovery questionnaire. Afterwards, you’ll be assigned a personal coach who will monitor your progress with daily check ins and advise you on your nutrition.


Month Two

When month two rolls round you’ll already be seeing great results from your plan. Your coach will have a better understanding of your pitfalls and will be able to teach you more ways to improve.


Month Three

If you join Sustain Coaching Plus or Sustain Complete, you’ll continue to receive your daily check ins with your personal nutrition coach. Your body will have undergone huge changes and you’ll be in more control of your eating habits. If you join the Sustain Coaching standard plan, your coach will check in with you once a week.

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No over complicated meal Plans, no need to completely eliminate certain food groups, just simple, practical advice that will leave you feeling empowered, in control and happy

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