Every year it was then same routine of trying a fad diet then to have it all back by Christmas hiding under baggy jumpers feeling frumpy and miserable then to do it all again in January!! Then my friend showed me her results from doing Sustain Nutrition that was it I wanted in, the thing is its never felt like a diet, I've not gone hungry and no calorie counting just followed there rules the advice from the private coaches and actually found it easier then any diet I've ever followed. The network support is amazing to I was always well supported no matter what questions I had!

Sustain has changed my relationship with food I eat cleaner and feel the benefits from it and yes I still have a treat now and then and no longer feel guilty because I am now in control. Sustain is not a diet it's a life style change and one of the best decisions Ive made so no more diets for me ever again i am on the Sustain train
for good!!

Weight lost 1 stone and 6inches from waist 😊

A very big thank you to James, Joe, Liam my coach and the rest of the Sustain team


When I started 6 months ago I could not walk up the stairs without having to stop for rest. I was drinking every day at least 2 large glasses of wine and sometimes more.... I weighted 90kg and had 40% of body fat. I felt unattractive, unhappy and masked it by wearing loose clothes, and pretending, by making fun of it, that I'm OK about it..... Deep down I envied all the people jogging in the morning when I drove past them. My breaking point was when I went on a work segway afternoon and someone took a picture of the group and I was so ashamed the way I looked. My scrubs (I'm a dental nurse) were not fitting and I either had to ask for a bigger size or do something about it. 
I signed up to BC and it was an eye-opening three months. Unfortunately, even tho I stuck to it and saw many result, I knew it's not possible to sustain that regime. Than I came across Joe and James on YouTube and watched most of their videos in one go...... mainly for the entertainment value but on the other hand it was all making sense. 

It was explained why and what and when in terms that a pleb like me could get it. It kind of cleared the jungle I was lost in not knowing where to aim and how to progress and made it into woods that I'm comfortable to walk in and not feel daunted. It was so simple that I decided to sign straight for the three months plan without trial week. 

I've hit 10/10 every time apart from four days on my honeymoon that I was happy not to. I wasn't panicking knowing I'm OK to have life and I know it wasn't falling off the train, it was consciences decision that I was happy with. 
I was OK knowing it will slow my progress. My highlight was winning third place in S28 and I felt humbled. My biggest achievement was to conquer my fear and enter the dreaded Gym! 

 I'm 42 and never ever felt I was able to do it. Now I'm there 3 times a week doing weight sessions, spinning and love it. I'm trying to get into running....sounds silly but I'm not a runner, though I'm determined I'll get to run 5k and maybe even 10k. In my entry form I filled in that I would like sport to be part of my life and thanks to Sustain I managed to achieve that. 

But most importantly, Jo and James were the people that got me interested, but Gagan, my trusty coach, kept me going. You were great with your support and advice. I could not have done it without you..... thank you big big thank you!


Being the proud owner of every book and fitness plan out there,  I stumbled across a recommendation for the Sustain Plan on another well known 90 day plan Facebook page. I was somehow, at my heaviest that I have ever been! IIFYM just did not work for me at all!

I completed the questionnaire and sent it off. It was then, that I was introduced to James, who was now my designated Coach. I immediately started to get my excuses in “I will go with ... BUT... “ and then followed all my usual excuses, I work hard all week so… I like a bottle of prosecco and takeaway on a Friday. Life is for living, blah blah blah. All the reasons that had made me not succeed in every other plan I had done so far, and all the reasons why I was feeling as fat as a fool this time around.

The next step was to complete my daily food diary and submit it for scoring, and this my friends, is where the game changed for me! There is something about having daily accountability, and having to write down everything you have consumed in a day and submitting it for scoring. Next day I got an email back, “10/10 there sister”, “great start”, “good job” and I can honestly, hand on heart say, that was the motivation I needed to do the same every day for the next 90 days that followed! Don’t get me wrong, over that period I did have the odd occasion where I was eating and drinking at social events, but, I kept it as much to plan as was possible. I really had changed all my bad habits. The key difference for me being the daily accountability and the support from my amazing coach was the reason why I worked for the plan.

James has been a star, his support, his words of encouragement, his words of sarcasm and mostly his patience with me when I have gone into a mini meltdown by my interpretation of my lack of progress, have all contributed to my success on this plan, and I cannot thank him enough for that. I kid you not when I say that he really is the best Coach I have EVER worked with (pay me later for that one James!).

The plan has not only had physical impacts such as my weight/figure/ appearance & my ability to lift heavier but also on my lifestyle as a whole which is pretty amazing. My teenage son, who was so impressed with my physical changes and with my commitment to exercise and food changes, said I was his inspiration and he now makes his own healthy food choices and follows the Sustain exercise videos! As a mother, knowing that I have inspired my son, to make healthy, lifestyle choices for himself and his future really is the cherry on the cake.

I have nothing but praise for James and the Sustain Plan and would not think twice about recommending anyone to give them a try. This is by no means the end of my Sustain journey, I still have a way to go to get what I want to achieve as the Carpenters sang “it’s only just begun” ……….. (peace, love and happiness)

Transformation 3.jpg


Thank you Sustain Nutrition! I cannot recommend these guys enough! This has never been about weight loss, I'm heavier now that when I started but when your kids tell you they're fed up eating pizza you have to look at how poor your diets become. I was really cyclical about signing up to sustain nutrition. I'd finished another 90 day plan and I was tired of weighing food, hated the high rep weights had no idea about the training and was given macros with no clue what to do with them and no support to learn. I'd learned very little other than how to follow 3 recipes a day. It didn't work for me and I was back to toast for breakfast in no time.
I joined the sustain nutrition support group and asked loads of questions. I really didn't need another 90 day plan that would leave me feeling the same. I wanted to eat better, get back into exercise and I was convinced by the group members to give it a go. I'm so glad I did! There's no weighing, tracking or following recipes. It's been great to get back to family meals. Having a great coach who you're in daily contact with made a massive difference. I'd set a goal at the start and that was always referred to throughout the time with sustain. Joe has been fantastic! Feedback was way more that I thought it would be, it's not just about food but finding a training plan to suit me, daily encouragement, loads of advice and breaking the bad eating habits!

I've lost count how many times we've changed/tweaked what I'm eating to suit my training. I've realised I don't work well with carbs and a high fat low carb approach suits me much better. Everything has been done to suit me, Ive never felt like I'm 1 of 1000 clients getting the same reply, it's been a really personal response every time. There was no pressure to even exercise, just get to grips with the food and find something you like. The physical change is fantastic, I feel great and have way more body confidence, but the change in mindset is even better. I've learned so much along the way. Ive joined a gym, followed the sustain training plans and I love lifting weights! I've just signed up with a PT to push me further.


At the start of 2016 I was 19 stone and 7lbs and I felt awful. Every activity felt like a chore and I was aware I had gotten too big. As I struggled to find clothes that fit me in “normal” shops I was forced to turn to Jacamo. At this moment I realised that something needed to change. A friend suggested Sustain Nutrition, and after signing up to their “12 Days of Fat Loss” email chain I dropped 14 lbs in, ironically, 12 days. 

After their free 7 day trial I instantly knew this was a plan I could stick to for the designated 3 months and I signed up. Sustain gave me the accountability I needed, the thought process behind making healthy decisions, as opposed to choosing a chocolate bar and bottle of pop for lunch and having to tell Joe, my coach, was the deal breaker. Without a doubt, I’m 100% certain, it was this accountability and the Ten Commandments guidelines that have helped me achieve what I have. Now at 16’3, 46 lbs lighter than when I started, 4 jeans sizes and 3 t shirt sizes smaller, I feel great, I am now playing tennis 3 times a week and able to work hard. There hasn't been a day in the last fortnight where a friend of colleague hasn’t complimented me on how I look and I’m now wearing a shirt I have owned, but not been able to fit, for the last 2 and a half years. 

At no point have I personally felt restricted on the plan. Joe often jokes about how I eat out more than anyone else he knows, I simply make the relevant choices that fit inside my Commandments which means I can still enjoy my life whilst making progress. It has been great working with Sustain, I have loved the positive feedback from the guys at Sustain. Joe and James’s knowledge, and the accountability Sustain provides, has been of massive benefit and I would be no way near where I am now without Sustain


12 months ago I decided I wanted to try and do something about my shape which has been like picture 1 for the past 4-5 years. Felt ok in clothes but not on a beach...! 

I used to run 2 marathons a year with all the running training that comes with it... then 12 months ago I really started to concentrate on Crossfit rather than running and picture number 2 is how my body shape changed between March 2016 and January 2017 after making that switch- not a dramatic change. 

I now understand why... because I always train hard whether it be running or Crossfit I saw this as a free pass to eat whatever I wanted as I thought I deserved it! I was eating approx 10 chocolate bars a week, cake and carbs (I thought I needed them)...

then I found Sustain Nutrition. By following this plan for the past two months I have not had cravings, my 6 pack is starting to show (I always knew it was there underneath) and I have seen my strength improve massively as a result of looking to fats and protein for my energy. 

I've tried to get 10/10 as much as I could and James really helped me to get away from my old habits. I'm over the moon with the results and am now striving for a weekend of straight 10s as my next challenge! (Never managed it yet in the two months I been on it!) Thank you James, Joe and the Sustain Chicken Soup recipe (this I could eat all day long it's amazing!) It is so easy to follow this plan I can't recommend it enough!



I absolutely love Sustain Nutrition's plan! I feel full of energy, I'm in control of my choices around food and my mental clarity has improved massively.
The accountability is key and I'm continually being educated about nutrition through daily coaching by James, who is down to earth and explains things in a way which make complete sense.
I don't feel deprived or that I'm 'on a diet' because I really enjoy the food I'm eating and still have regular meals out or the occasional drink. You can tailor this plan to be whatever you want it be or however you want it to fit your lifestyle. All I can say is, if you're toying with starting the plan, DO IT!!! You've got nothing to lose except bodyfat.



I found Sustain. I hesitated at first – the transformations looked great, but could I really manage that? Surely I’d have to starve myself….. And why was it a 12 week programme – it had
taken me 40 years to learn what to eat to get to that shape so no way was it only going to take 12 weeks to learn new habits.

I only signed up when Joe & James said they would coach me for as long as I needed it – partly because I didn’t know how long I would need and partly because I felt I could blame my coach if it didn’t work for me!

And I decided that I’d quite like to see my Adams Apple again, to catch up and see how it was getting on.
As you can see, it was quite well hidden.

So, I’ve now been on the plan with a coach for 6 months. And this is me now.

I’ve not yet found my Adams Apple but I’m a lot closer:

So, still some way to go, but I’m getting there! It’s been much easier than I expected, mainly because I’ve never stopped having a coach. I’ve seen lots of comments on the Nation from people who did the plan for 12 weeks, went on their own and while some have maintained or continued to lose weight, many seem to have put some weight back on. And I don’t want to do that, I’m tired of trying to lose weight regularly, achieving short-term success only to find it creeps back on as soon as I lose focus.

My coach has been invaluable. Yes, it’s partly about the accountability of sending in a daily food diary (that helps me focus), but it’s mainly about the support and encouragement. I never look for my daily score now as it’s always 10/10. Instead, I look for the hints and tips such as “time to increase your water intake now”, “think about having more green veg” and “how about increasing your exercise”.

Every time I’ve taken their advice it has worked – and that’s why I’ll continue to use a coach until I’m happy with my weight and have maintained it.

trans 4 .png


I started sustain in January feeling incredible unhappy in my body.. I have tried every diet plan going, but just reverted back to my old habits as soon as it was over or it was too hard to stick with it.

I loved the idea of the accountability and having that advice and support as I needed it.

The coaches are amazing and they became the that little voice on my shoulder ' what would Gagan think of this choice' 😂.

I have never felt deprived of anything thing and I have continued with my social life, just made different choice and straight back on plan the next day.

I can honestly say at 50 years old I have never felt happier with my body, my sleeping pattern is beyond recognition and soooo much energy... thank you sustain from the bottom of my heart.. you're amazing .. xx''

trans sally 2.png


Ever since I had my 2nd child (3 years ago) my weight has been a battle.

I had post natal depression so was put on medication and I put on approx 2.5 stone in as many months and continued to creep up for another 2 years.

Also I have poly cystic ovaries so weight loss is harder but it's a vicious cycle, if I don't lose weight, my symptoms get worse etc.

However, since starting Sustain I'm now back in control and don't need my medication to help with the weight loss like they thought and am no longer borderline diabetic.

Also not only am I having the weight and inch loss, I feel so much better! I'm sleeping better, have more energy, I don't have a constant cold, my hair is in better condition and my battle with spots for 20 years has cleared up.

Alongside this I've completed the Couch to 5k app when I started I couldn't run 30 seconds let alone 30 minutes! I really am a different person.

I've come a long way... still a way to go but this has been a lifestyle change for me and such a positive one.

I can't thank Joe Robinson and Liam Crossley enough for the continued support. Thank you xxx''

Starting weight: 14 st 8lb
Today's weight: 12st 4lb


At the start of this year I wanted to try to lose some weight and really liked the idea of being accountable to someone. Having tried other diets in the past I had always failed or given up as I didn't have anyone to keep me on track. Initially my only focus was to lose weight but after a couple of weeks I gained an appreciation for good healthy food and now not only do I want to drop a few pounds but I want to live a healthier lifestyle.

I previously struggled as I never wanted to lose weight enough to stop eating bad things. Having someone to keep you on track and help you to understand why you want to do it really helps keep me motivated. I have lost 13 pounds in the first month. I have gained confidence and feel much more comfortable and more myself. I genuinely feel healthier and not as tired even though I'm not eating many carbs. I feel proud that I have actually achieved what I have. I feel much more confident. 

Sustain Nutrition for me is not like a diet, it's a way of living. It's exactly what it says on the tin, sustainable. I'm certain I will not return to my old eating habits, I wouldn't even want to. The best thing about Sustain Nutrition is the accountability, having to send your food logs daily really helps you to understand what you’re eating, and you definitely think twice about indulging in something you shouldn't. Would definitely recommend.


This was at the start of 7dt followed by the 12 week plan. I have signed up to another 4 weeks starting today to carry on this fabulous Sustain journey. I have lost 1 stone 9lbs in total and 4" off my waist. I have been overweight/obese all my life and have spent a lifetime yo-yo dieting. I first went to weight watchers aged 13, I have just turned 40!! I started my weightloss journey a few years ago weighing in at over 18st. 

I followed my own plan of no sugar, clean eating and exercised for the first time in my life! I did well but lacked some structure and accountability. I had put on a couple of stone by the time I found Sustain a few months ago. I love this plan as it just makes sense!! Thank you to Gagan, James Walker and Joe for such a fab plan - especially Joe who was a saviour to me last week when I was having a serious wobble. I've still got a long long way to go but very happy with the chages in body and mind! Bring on the next 4 weeks



I am 57 years old and I have yoyo dieted since I was 21. I have tried every diet/ eating plan under the sun even hypnotherapy and always had very short term results. 
Nothing I could Sustain for very long. I've got several medical conditions including an under active thyroid and am on HRT so I always found an excuse for why I wasn't successful. 
Having found Sustain Nutrition - I am in heaven. 
I love the food, I love the support and I feel in control. I've lost 14lbs in 5 weeks, so I'm well chuffed. 
I haven't been 100% on plan all of the time but when I've gone off plan it's been a conscious decision to go off plan and I've been in control. 
I haven't exercised much due to working 12 hour shifts, Nana duties and spending time with my mum, so going forward I want to increase my exercise and get the next stone off. 
I can't tell you how much better I feel and how much less bloated I feel. Thanks to Joe M for reading my diaries and supporting me at the start of my long journey


I came across Sustain on social media after completing another plan. For as long as I can remember I've been 'losing weight', having tried a numerous amount of quick fixes and plans that claimed to re-educate but here I was 9 months after finishing my last plan back at the same weight as my start weight. I learnt that I can follow instructions and have the discipline not to stray from what I'm told to do but when I had to go it alone I was clueless and went back to eating how I did before I started.

I was umming and ahhing about signing up to 'another plan' but Sustain did offer something new and the chance to try it out for 7 days gave me the opportunity to see if it was right for me. It definitely was and half way through the trial I signed up for 3 months. 

I can honestly say it is the best thing I have ever done. In 3 months I lost 13.3lbs, 3.5 inches off my waist and 2 inches off my hips, with minimal exercise and I feel amazing! I am eating delicious, healthy food. I haven't weighed, measured or counted one calorie and it has been liberating. But the best part for me has to be the daily accountability. Joe has been absolutely fantastic and certainly helped keep me on the straight and narrow! 

I truly feel that Sustain has re-educated me, I know what foods work for my body and this is me for life now, no way am I going back. I feel amazing in my clothes but more importantly feel amazing in my own skin! Cannot thanks the guys at Sustain enough!! Looking forward to seeing what the next 3 months can bring!


So here I am at the end of my 90 day plan and I feel absolutely amazing! This has been one of the best things I have ever done! I remember following my friend on Facebook and seeing her posts and updates about how well she was doing on this plan and I was so impressed. She said it was the best plan she had ever done (and believe me she has done a lot!). This was the motivation I needed, she was my inspiration.

I was feeling fed up and so uncomfortable in my clothes, I felt bloated all the time and my weight was slowly creeping up I was so unhappy.  So I took the plunge and signed up for the trial. After the first week I lost 6lb I was totally amazed, I started to feel the benefits already. The plan was so easy to follow, I loved the fact that you choose what you eat, as long as you hit the 10 commandments. I remember getting a week of 10's and I felt so proud of myself. 

The thing I love most is the daily accountability from your coach, the fact that you have to submit your food diary every night and get scored was what done it for me. I loved getting that message the next day "10 out of 10.... Well done!" This was the motivation I needed, someone telling me each day what I was doing right or wrong.

I did have a meltdown half way through the plan, I had a long weekend away and then two parties the week after... I went completely off plan... drank too much and then ate crap for days!
But James was there with his daily advice and support and helped me get back on track.

I don't think I could of done it without him, he has been truly amazing and is a genius! I never ever thought I would be a size 10 again! I feel so much more confident in myself and I have so much more energy. My goal was to reach a size 10 and I've achieved that! And I am so proud of myself! This isn't the end of my plan this is just the start of my new lifestyle and long may it continue!


I’ve been with Sustain for 2 months so far and it’s been great. I haven’t had experience of doing various different “diets" but I guess I started seriously thinking about myself and how much weight I’d gained just over a year ago. I completed a three month plan which pretty much taught me how to exercise properly and that I hadn’t been eating enough. It didn’t teach me how to put it into practise with a family of five, one of whom was a vegetarian. After fighting with macros for a little while and losing spectacularly (who the hell wants to weight their food every day when it’s a bonus getting through the day and feeding the kids something relatively nutritious without resorting to processed crap?) 

I started seeing various recommendations posted about Joe and James. I wasn’t sure if I could go through the pain of ANOTHER plan but figured I wanted one last ditch attempt at getting rid of my baby belly (caused by 3 kids, dry roasted peanuts and copious amounts of gin!) I can honestly say it’s been one of the best things I’ve done. It has made everything so simple - it isn’t rocket science to eat properly, but I was definitely over thinking it and making it difficult for myself. From feeling as if I have to plan and prep food to the nth degree, the Sustain plan and Joe’s advice has given me the confidence to do what I do best - fly by the seat of my pants and cater for myself and my family the quickest, easiest and healthiest way possible! I rarely plan meals in advance because last minute kids clubs, kids taxi service and general life is out to ruin them, but with the knowledge I now have I know I can put a meal together which gives me the protein/fat/carbs that I need.

So, where am I at? When I first started my fitness journey, I lost around 6 kilos initially and another 2 going it alone - that took 13 loooong months. In the two months I’ve been with Joe I’ve lost nearly another 4 kilos and I can honestly say it’s been a painless process. Yes there have been times when I’ve fallen off the wagon and I’m fairly certain I could have lost more if I’d stayed away from the gin, but for me it’s about being sustainable (wonder where they got the name from??) Knowing that if I have a bad day I can get right back on it the next is invaluable - it’s also a great feeling knowing that I can try most clothes on without swearing at myself or the clothes because I’m not happy with my body! I’ve still got a little way to go to get where I want to be, but, I keep reminding myself that I’ve come a massively long way and I’m in pretty good shape considering that I have three kids and I’m going to be 48 next birthday. In fact, I’m probably fitter and healthier than I’ve ever been.


I've tried every diet there is, most were great for a week or so but not sustainable. Slimming world was the one I always went back to. Did amazingly on that but each time I reached target the weight would creep back on. Slimming world taught ME (not everyone) how to be obsessed with the scales, how to save all your syns for chocolate and sweets, how to eat hardly anything the day before weigh in. I'd eat a packet of crisps for lunch as it weighed less in my hand than a jacket potato!

Now I have 3 meals a day, drink loads of water, don't feel like I miss anything, and best of all found a plan that fits into mine and my other half's lifestyle. He no longer has to ask "what am I allowed to cook" he just knows now.

The plan is so easy to follow, and I love it. I've loved my daily contact with James too. Just love it! There will definitely be no more slimming world ever for me!!!!!!!'


I have really enjoyed the last 12 weeks with Sustain! It has honestly been the easiest thing I have ever done. I have been dieting on and off for years, only for the weight to return every time with binge eating. But when I found Sustain, it was really simple.

No dieting, just eating nutritious food and staying hydrated! There's no complicated meal plans to follow and you are free to make your own decisions (hopefully good!) - so very easy to fit into your own way of life.

The support and advice from Joe M has been incredible. I was given great feedback every single day, and I wasn't made to feel bad when I had the odd slip up! But you are taught to take responsibility and be accountable for your journey! Also Sustain gives you great encouragement and guidance with exercising, whether you're a newbie or a pro.

Other plans have left me obsessive about when to eat carbs, weighing different food groups and worrying about how many carbs are in certain vegetables - it was exhausting and I would always give up. But Sustain teaches you to treat your mind and body well and break bad habits, making the rest just fall into place.

I feel far more confident now about my nutrition for the future!'


Before I started my 12 week plan with sustain nutrition I wasn't to sure how it was going to work out. I find it extremely difficult to be restricted with the food I can have. I was also in the habit of just eating copious amounts of junk almost nightly after having dinner. I've been struggling with my weight for a few years. I've tried a lot of different approaches to losing weight and although I've lost a few pounds here and there, there's been no real change in my body shape or the way that I feel.

After the first week I managed to lose 5 pounds with just changing my eating habits. This was a massive boost and instantly made me feel like doing sustain was the right move. I didn't find it too difficult to stay on track and enjoyed the food we have having. As the weeks went on i just kept losing more and more. I did minimal exercise throughout the 12 weeks and still managed to lose 2 stone.

After finishing my 12 weeks I'm glad I decided to do it. I started off at 16 stone 8 and I'm now sitting at 14 stone 8. I am a lot happier at this weight and plan to stick to a healthier diet and exercising a lot more. I'd like to thank my coach James for all the encouragement and advice he's giving me along the way!!


Just want to say a massive thank you to you for all the support. I actually joined this plan just to keep Andy company, not really thinking I'd learn much. I've learnt more on this than the previous 2 plans combined and have got the best results. I know I need to ensure I don't get complacent with my food now and keep my progressing my weights. 

One of my original goals was to be able to be master of my own destiny and not feel like I need to pay for plans forever. Whilst I've still got a lot to learn I'm sure, I honestly can say I feel pretty confident moving forward by myself now. I'm sure I'll have blips but I know how to get things on track. I've actually given up drinking and don't even miss it....NEVER thought I'd hear myself say that. No drink, no hangovers and no crappy drunken/hungover food choices really turned things around for me. 

I think this plan offers more than others simply due to the direct line of communication in to actual PT's and ongoing teaching aspect - making you think about putting your own meals together, what combinations of meals in one day and looking at why you've made certain choices etc rather than just blindly following instructions. I can't comment on the workout plans yet but have saved them to try in a few months when I'm changing things up again

You guys do a great job and change people's lives. I know that sounds dramatic but it's true. Confidence is priceless. Thank you!


After completing another plan, I found myself slipping back into old routines and bad habits, I knew I hadn’t really learnt anything other than how to follow a menu. I stumbled across Sustain Nutrition through one of the support pages and all the comments were amazingly positive and people seemed to be getting great results.

The first thing I noticed was NO FOOD PLAN, what I thought, how am I going to know what to eat, I quickly realised that this was about teaching rather than leading and making you accountable to yourself, very empowering. Halfway through my seven day trial, after a fairly heated discussion with my coach over ‘cake’ and my reasons for making my oats into one, I was re-enforcing bad habits, the penny dropped and I knew this was what I needed, and signed up for the full 12 week plan.

You eat what you want, within the guidelines you’ve signed up to, the coach will guide you but the ultimately it’s your decision, so if you have something coming up a holiday or Christmas you adapt it to fit in, but ultimately habits make results this is something that comes up time and time again by changing your habits you will get results.

I’ve rarely dropped points, and I love the daily interaction with my coach - Joe Robinson is AMAZING, BLUNT and will accept NO BS, I love his dry northern humour and the annoying way he answers a question with a question.

There’s also a great support network with the Facebook group and the coaches encourage you to share your meals, to inspire other members, this creates a great community feel to the plan, and you can empathise with each other.

Results: Over the 90 days I’ve lost 1stone 7lbs, and 5’ off my waist (big motivation for me), not a great deal some would say, but this was the final stage of my 4 stone weight loss journey since Jan 2016.

This is fabulous but most importantly, I’ve learnt how to eat, wish I’d found these guys earlier, but so glad I’m with them now.


Once I started it was super easy to stick with the plan and it was so nice doing normal shopping and not having specialist ingredients to buy. By far the best thing was not having to make special meals for myself I could totally cook for the whole family and make the odd tweak if necessary. 

Having to be accountable to James and receiving his advice and support was so beneficial to me and it's really helped me stay on plan. The Facebook group has been invaluable to me too for general support and ideas. Everyone is so supportive and gives me #greatmouthfeel!(inside joke!)

Now I've come to the end of the 3 months, I am overwhelmed at the amount of weight I've lost and the compliments I've received. I cannot believe how easy it's been to drop the weight in 12 weeks.

I've tried so many plans and it's taken me forever (and cost me a fortune in crap products and ready meals) to lose any weight which I usually just pile back on. Sustain has totally changed my attitude to food and I know the commandments are always in my mind when I make my choices.

This has totally changed my life and I know I won't go back to how I was before! I cannot recommend the plan highly enough it's the perfect education. 
I'm not quite where I want to be yet but I will be very soon and that's because I've set myself a new goal now I know how achievable it is. Absolutely love Sustain!!!!!!! 


After years of yo yo dieting and trying loads of diets I finally found Sustain in September.

I was the heaviest I had been for a long time, binge eating most days and really upset with the way I looked. I did the 7 day trial and found it so easy, not having to weigh food or count calories was a revelation!

I've just finished the 12 weeks plan and I'm thrilled with my results, I can't believe how easy I've found it all. I'm normally the sort of person that falls off the wagon after a few days but with Sustain its just like something has clicked in my brain and completely changed my way of thinking about food.

I can't thank Joe enough for his help and support along the way and I finally feel I'm in control of my eating habits.

I will continue to do the monthly plan as for me the accountability is key. This plan really has changed my life


Before I began my Sustain journey, I had had some success with Body Coach but as soon as a cycle was finished I would have a reward. I quickly realised that I wasn't changing any of my habits. I was feeling disheartened as I could see the weight creeping back on. 

I came across Sustain Nutrition in November and have managed to make the changes sustainable. The personal support and accountability really made me think about the choices I was making and I realised that I was always in control, nobody was making me make them.

Sustain has taught me to change my mindset and choose not to have something, to really think about what my goals are and if it will make me happy or not. 

I still make choices to eat cake - but I am doing it on my terms 🙂 
I am so grateful that I found the Sustain Nutrition plan and finally feel I am making progress with my eating and exercising. As I approach my 40th birthday I am so much happier in my skin than ever.

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''None of the numbers reflect how much better I feel anyway nor do they show that I go to the gym now and don't sit at home or hide in the ladies only room on my own, they don't show that my collar and hips bones exist again, or that I consider what I'm about to eat before doing so, or that I've kicked my crisp addiction and that even when I do fall it's only the one meal rather than a week.
They also don't show yoga was a total write off haha but thank you again. I'll be back!''



When I found 'sustain' I was looking for answers.
I'd completed BC, which had given me some good habits and I had learned to love hiit and weight training. But I had followed it blindly and now felt unsure how to move forward without measuring every portion of food for the rest of my life!

When I started sustain, my hopes were...

1. Learn how to lose weight in a sustainable way that doesn't take all the joy out of life!

2. Learn to keep it off/ adjust when things stall.

3. Get fitter/ feel better.

The daily emails are a great motivator and ideal for any daily queries. I also found the blogs and Facebook groups all great inspiration. 
It didn't take long for the commandments to become a normal way of life, and as they are realistic and therefore 'sustainable' it's something that works for my husband as much as it does for me.

When I started I wanted to lose weight, this is what I discovered...

1. I lost a stone, and inches
2. I don't feel hungry
3. I sleep better than ever
4. I love to work out and I'm regularly beating my pb's which I put down to such a great diet.
5. I don't have indigestion issues that I've had previously.
6. I've not caught a cold or any of the viral infections that fly around work (unheard of for me)
7. I don't use food in an emotional way or as a crutch (I hadn't realised how often I did this prior to sustain)
8. New found knowledge of how I can still live, have fun, but stay healthy and keep going on my aim to get leaner.
9. my photos don't come near to looking as good as I feel inside, which is the most surprising and actually best part of the whole experience!

James, Joe and the rest the rest of the team, I can't thank you enough.

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''Prior to joining the Sustain train I had done the body coach, which I personally didn't find as effective as other people, which In a way really unmotivated me and I thought there was no way I could get to where I wanted to, as others had done well whereas I felt like I had failed. 

I felt very disappointed with my results, I didn't feel like I had gained any confidence and was still not comfortable within my own skin.. I then found Sustain and was so pleased I did, they offer a great plan, great coaches who actually engage with you and really care about your goals and helping you achieve them.

When doing BC we were introduced to weights which I had never done, and I didn't get any sort of guidance, whereas with Sustain, when I wanted to try weights again, Joe helped me and gave me some great tips and advice, and I no longer felt nervous with weights but really started enjoying them! 

The plan was easy to follow, and easy to maintain and it's very sustainable. 

Post Sustain I feel confident, and for the first time ever I'm actually comfortable in my own skin. I'm able to maintain my results and hope to achieve even more but for now I am very happy, I am the healthiest, fittest and happiest I've been in ages and Sustain had a lot to contribute to that! 

So thanks guys for all you hard work, guidance and motivation!''

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''I had just completed the Bodycoach SSS plan and had been disappointed with my results especially as I had followed it very closely and found it very time consuming. 

In searching for something to move onto found Sustain Nutrition and thought I'd give the 7DT a go. 

I chose Evolve as I had been used to high fat/low carb plan and felt good on it. I was impressed with the professionalism from the get go. I even had a phone call from Joe to discuss my goals! I completed the 7DT and was keen to move on and ended up doing a total of 91 days with my coach Gagan. She was supportive, knowledgable and non-judgemental when I had a blip or two, and always managed to make me refocus on my end goal and why I had started the process originally. 

What is different about Sustain nutrition? The flexibility is fantastic, I feel armed with the knowledge to make good decisions when socialising or at the dreaded buffet table, accountable for my actions and best of all there is not the vast amount of prepping and weighing food that was making it a chore rather than a choice. 

So although I reached my goal weight and size 10 trousers, I feel that this is just the beginning of a journey that I feel ready for with my new online support family.''



'I'd previously attempted the body coach plan and although I was pleased with my results it took me 8mths to reach the end of C2 and C3 just didn't happen. It was hard going and didn't really feel like it taught me how to continue afterwards. 

So I found myself back where I started and even more unhappy when I came across sustain. Just 5 short weeks of sustain later I'm back where I was measurements wise at the end of C2 and it's felt so easy. My clothes fit again and I feel so much more positive about life. More importantly I feel I have learnt how to make sensible choices and how to fuel my body best for me. The coaches, particularly Gagan, have always been supportive even when I've made bad choices they have helped me see how to avoid it happening again rather than reprimanding me.

I'm going to go and try and go it alone for now but it's reassuring to know that should I need it help is only an email away



My late night binging is barely existent ( thank youuuuu). If it does happen - I now really try to look at the cause of it - what I could have done differently- and make sure I am back on track the next morning ( still baking - have learnt how to do so without nibbling - but sometimes the sugar monster attacks)

I have a calendar on my freezer where I score my days food out of 10. . . !! And am a keen reader on the Sustain Facebook group

SO - I have learned SO much from Sustain - consistency, not using excuses, not bowing to social pressures to eat or drink what you don't want to/ not feeding the stray cat/ that not all combinations of "healthy foods" are equal
or a recipe for weight loss! That a calorie deficit is needed. To continue avoiding processed food and to focus on long term happiness - not short term
Pleasure . . . .




'Ever since I started living on my own and cooking for myself I feel like I've been dieting. 

I had some brief success with slimming world, which taught me how to cook from scratch but also encouraged me to eat as much pasta, rice and low fat yogurts as I wanted which made me feel sluggish and constantly hungry. 

I was prescribed anti-depressants about 2 years ago, after dealing with some personal issues. I've always had anxiety and they seemed to help me take the edge off. After that, and after meeting my current partner, I gained roughly a stone and a half. My doctor told me it wasn't linked to the anti-depressants so I put it down to the start of a new relationship. We all gain a little weight then, right? 

I began to feel hideously uncomfortable with my body and it affected my mood even more. I had my anti-depressants dosage increased and I thought if I lost some weight I'd feel better. I began yo-yo dieting, trying everything from cutting carbs completely and snacking on Atkins bars and sugar free red bulls to lowering my calories to 800 a day and binging on junk food when the hunger took over.

I spoke to Sustain back in February, as I knew something had to change and I had a holiday coming up that I didn't want to ruin by feeling bad about myself.

I loved the first week I had on Sustain. I started taking packed lunches to work with my veg and chicken that I had prepped. I didn't eat a single diet bar or fizzy drink, and by the end of the week I'd lost 4lbs. The weeks after that were similar, although as you all know- life does get in the way. The first night out I had I drunk too much and ate a McDonald's on the way home and in the morning I didn't just feel crap, I felt really disappointed. After that, if I was out or at a party I made conscious decisions with my food so I could have the odd drink and not completely sabotage myself. It was easier than I thought- everywhere you go you have the option of 'naked' burgers or swapping the chips with your steak for veg. I started to get a pretty good balance on my social life with eating well, and I was really enjoying not coming home bloated and miserable. I think the biggest change for me is skipping that Sunday morning McDonald's binge.

Overall I lost 12lbs in 12 weeks. My goal was to lose a stone but I don't even feel like the numbers matter now. I've lost inches all over and I can finally fit back into my old clothes and treat myself to more! 

Sustain has taught me number one to listen to your body and don't eat crap! If you're on a diet and you're 'allowed' unlimited pasta, it doesn't mean it's good for you! 

Of all the pounds I've lost and all the inches too, the best thing that's happened to me is that I've come off my antidepressants. My body simply doesn't need them anymore, because I'm finally taking care of myself properly and most importantly- feeling good about myself. 

I'm so happy I did Sustain and it's changed the way I eat and think about food, and I know it's making me a happy and healthier person''



So my official sustain journey comes to an end on the completion of 3 months, but I will definitely be continuing with the principles as I have genuinely loved it. Not only has my figure changed, but we eat better food, I enjoy cooking, I feel I can teach my children about what food is good food, I'm more confident, and my energy levels are through the roof!

I started sustain because I weighed myself at the start of September and was 11st, I had always thought my figure was ok and that I was 10st. I was definitely ready to make a change, I was drinking too regularly (and I'm not good at stopping!) finding it too easy to have crisps etc thinking 'I'll get healthy tomorrow'. One of the key things I have enjoyed is that it is something for me, as a part-time working mum of two a lot of my life is about others, and this was entirely for my benefit and I was in control of it.

I haven't had perfect 10s throughout, but on the days where I dropped have been planned, and usually (in fact I think everytime!) been booze related...which then leads to a few crisps...which then leads to cheese and biscuits. I'm not too bothered about sweet stuff, but savoury is my downfall! Being a competitive person, I have liked to get 10s though! I had a few scales issues at the start, but I have lost approx. 2 stone, and a lot of inches. I am so pleased, and proud, of what I have achieved, and I celebrated completing the 3months by buying a size 8 skirt and a size small dress!! I always thought 'I've had two kids, I'll never have a flat tummy again' - well, I've proved myself wrong, and couldn't be happier.

I have been a reluctant exerciser...in fact I am only just on week 3 of the gym intro, so for most of my journey it's been about the food with the (very) occasional HIT. I am now enjoying the the gym and look forward to seeing how following the exercise plan will tone my body.

My advice would definitely be to take photos, but also measure everywhere - I only did my waist and hips, but first noticed inch loss on my thighs (random!) but because I hadn't measured them I don't know what the loss is. So do hips, waist (belly button), thinnest part of waist, thighs, arms, ribs and chest.

A massive thank you to Joe - such a boost to get emails with 'awesome day 10/10', and well done to him for managing to read through my predictive text mistakes! Also, thanks to this group, where I have got so many recipe ideas from. Keep going everyone - it is SO worth it!


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After some initial success on the body coach SSS plan last year, I found the weight i'd lost starting to go back on. 

This was partly due to my mindset of seeing some results so thinking well that's me "completed" it and therefore allowing bad habits (crisps....lots of crisps, and the kids sweetie cupboard) to start creeping back into my lifestyle. 
Then before I knew it I was binging on junk. 

Meals have never really been a problem for me, I've always kind of followed the principles of sustain before actually choosing to sign up, it was all the snacks and junk in between that I wanted to get control over. 

I chose to do Evolve as I was used to only 1 carb refuel meal after a workout from SSS plan so felt evolve suited my lifestyle. I thought cutting out dairy would be so difficult but actually it was surprisingly easy. I still use Koko milk, and only have Greek yoghurt maybe once a week now. 

As for the scales, I lost a total of 8lbs in 4 weeks (6lbs in wk1, nothing lost wk2&3 and 2lbs in last wk) and to be honest I don't think of 8lbs as a lot of weight lost. Maybe it's because I'm not sure I would notice an 8lb weight loss in someone, or because I feel I have way more to lose. However looking at my photos I can clearly see a difference and therefore am not hung up on what the scales say. Still work to be done, but I honestly feel confident about making the right food choices for the future. 

In terms of exercise I workout 5 days a week doing CrossFit workouts. 
Getting my nutrition right has definitely helped me improve my fitness, but for me the biggest improvement has been my energy, confidence & overall happiness....no more sugar slumps and mood swings! It's definitely a sustainable lifestyle choice and I'm so glad I signed up.

Thanks to Joe Moss & all the other coaches for their feedback and advice. Sustain for life!”



'I found Sustain Nutrition on Facebook when looking for inspo for fast and effective ways to drop a dress size (or three!). For a few months I’d been hemming and hawing about doing another famous 90 day programme but something was holding me back. I realised that weighing food, tracking macros and spending hours in the gym was absolutely not going to suit my lifestyle and that I might fail before I'd even begun. I thought that there must be something more straightforward that would enable me to live life normally without feeling like I was on a restrictive diet. Enter Sustain Nutrition….

One of the things that attracted me to the Sustain programme was looking at the transformation photos and reading about people’s journeys. Everything and everyone seemed real and not like a contrived hall of fame on Instagram. I was seeing people like me and that made me believe I could do it!

What I love about Sustain is that it’s a light touch programme with a set of basic and easy to remember rules. Setting your goals at the start means that you are working for, and not against, yourself. Having a daily check in with a coach triggers a desire to meet external expectations too - in the friendliest and most helpful of ways. The programme helps you learn about how your body responds to food and how to make the right choices. Eating out or meals at home with family is not that difficult because you can be quite discreet about what you choose to eat - no dramas (unless your family takes every opportunity to try and feed you cake!).

Taking photos at the start of your journey is a must - you need to be able to see your progression as much as monitor the weight and inch loss. My weight loss was slow and steady but my physical changes were noticeable more quickly. The first month was exercise free, after that I tried some home workouts from my coach and then I found a (surprising) love for a twice weekly body pump session at the community gym! I also have a daily home yoga practice…but I’m not a slave to exercise. What I do I enjoy.

On this programme I can honestly say that I’ve never felt hungry. I have a very sweet tooth and at times I’ve wanted to chow down on a bar of chocolate or big bowl of ice-cream. Although I’ve have a few mini-breaks from the programme for family celebrations, a wedding and my birthday, in the main I stayed right on track. I kept coming back to my reasons for taking action (on a post-it note on my bathroom mirror): to feel good, to look better in my clothes, and to be healthier. You could definitely call this programme an act of self-love! I finished the programme two days after my 43rd birthday and am going into the next trip around the sun feeling pretty good about myself.

I started at 12 stone 12 pounds and after three months I am 11 stone 12 pounds. My waist measurement has reduced from 37.5 inches to 33.5 inches and I couldn’t be happier. I’m motivated to lose some more weight and now have the tools to do so on my own going forward. And I’ve still got the Facebook group if I need a bit of extra motivation or encouragement. A BIG, BIG thank you to Liam Crossley and the SN team - you are all rock stars


I heard about Sustain Nutrition not long after I'd finished The Body Coach. Kinda wish I'd heard about Joe and James plan first though as it was far simpler to stick to. No more weighing of food, which for me wasn't sustainable nor was the constant batch cooking! So this plan was like night and day, to the extent I almost felt like I was cheating and wondered how on earth I'd even lose any weight... however I did and I'm more than chuffed with the results.

In the first month I had a weekend away and did my best to stick to the commandments, I did gain a little bit but I didn't go cray cray like I normally would have done in the past! 😂. Having to track and log all my food each day and send it to my wonderful coach Joe was what I needed to stay relatively on track.

My weakness was the wee biscuits that sit in the staff kitchen speaking to me each day at work. I said to Joe I wouldn't have any on my last week of the plan, I think because I said that it made me more determined not to let either of us down. It paid off. 😊.

In my 3 months I lost 6.8kg and 15 inches. Five and a half of those came off my belly! It's not til I see my before and after pictures that I really notice a difference. I feel 💯 better, I want to carry on myself for now and get another stone off.

I've loved the exercise plans too, I'm usually in and out the gym in around an hour, each week I've upped my weights and I feel a wee pang of achievement each time I go up the dumbbells.... I feel like a lion when I come out! 🦁.

All in all I'd recommend this plan to anyone, it teaches you how to fuel your body properly, sustain it and keep on track.

Thanks to all the team at Sustain Nutrition for your help, guidance and words of wisdom... especially Joe and at the weekends James''



I started Sustain 8 weeks ago and being an ex 90day SSS I was glad of the change. 
I had put on a fair bit of weight since then. 
The 90 day SSS taught me a lot but it just wasn’t sustainable for me. This plan certainly is. 
So far I’ve lost 12 pounds, 3.5 inches from my waist and 3 inches from my hips. The shape of my thighs has completely changed! 
My weight loss has slowed now because i am building muscle but I am dropping inches. 
I am so pleased with the results. I didn’t do any exercise for the first 5 weeks but I can honestly say I wish I had added this bit in before then because I can only imagine what my results would have been. 
I have learnt that drinking 2+ litres of water gives me so much energy I can easily workout when I get home J Anything less and I am too tired after a full days work. 
I also try to take things meal by meal rather than day by day. I have had a lot of slip ups but that is fine. 
I no longer eat wheat and eat minimal dairy and don’t really miss either. 
I have zero bloating and feel so much better! Many thanks to all of the coaches, but most specifically to Gagan who has been there throughout. 
And Joe and James of course for just for popping up and scoring my diary on a weekend. 
I will be continuing with my journey with Sustain from now on J By far the best plan I have ever followed!''


For the last few years, I've been really unhappy with my weight. I'd tried various diets but they didn't work - mainly because I got bored/didn't feel it was working and then went off on a binge that undid any of the progress that I had made.

I came across the trial for Sustain Nutrition and thought I'd give it a go. Within the first week I realised that it was something I could do and that it was sustainable. Being able to choose what you want to eat within a set of commandments, the daily reporting of your food and a coach who is there to provide support is exactly what I needed.

I kept following the commandments and learning more about what works. Fast forward to 13 weeks later and I've lost 23lbs and 11.5 inches.

But what's more important is that I've changed my eating habits. Although I still have off plan days, fall off the 'train', I now have techniques to make sure I get back on it the next day. I now enjoy food more and treats are controlled instead of face planting into them and eating all the rubbish food.

I've still got a way to go in my journey but I've found something that works for me and I know I'll be continuing with sustain.

I also wanted to take the opportunity to thank the coaches for the fantastic support, especially Gagan who has been there to answer any questions and provide whatever support that I've needed



Joe and James have created something really special with Sustain Nutrition. For me, it is the perfect balance of structure and freedom. 4 weeks in and my energy levels have skyrocketed, I've dropped a dress size and gained heaps of self-confidence. Day by day I'm learning how to fit sweet treats and social events into a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. I urge everyone to try the Sustain FIT, you'll be hooked from Day 1!!”