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"Cons F**k all"

A Menopausal Vegan with a bad back and a history of binge eating……
17lbs lost and metabolic age down by 16 years –
not bad for 3 months work don’t you think?

Sally came to us with the goal of not hating what she saw in the mirror

I’m happy to say that she smashed it and then some

She was a pleasure to coach and really engaged with the plan and working along side a coach

Here is what she had to say about her Journey
(It’s short and sweet)

Having James help (also a con – never been called a d**k so much!)

All my clothes fit

Feel so much better

Menopause symptoms almost nothing

No more secret eating and having to hide away stuffing chocolate

Feel confident to be Mother of the bride is a couple of weeks

A massive increase in energy

F**k all’‘

So there you have it, if you want to get awesome results, reverse your age and don’t mind being called a d**k occasionally (in a very playful way obviously!)
then we can help

If you have never worked with us then taking on a 7 day kickstart is a great introduction for just how valuable coaching, support and accountability will be for you.

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