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"without Sustain I would still be an unhappy, unfit, fat , miserable, sod."

I can’t believe the difference in me from this time last year !

I’d lost all my confidence !! I had tried every fad diet going and stuck to them for a few months lost weight but never ever managed to keep it off! I signed up to do a 7 day kickstart in March ‘19 not expecting it being any different to my previous attempts at weight loss and diets. How wrong could I have been !
To date I have LOST 20 KG !!!:)

The plan itself is so easy to follow nothing complicated , a little planning needed that’s alI! I still enjoyed my weekends and my holidays. I’ve got so much more energy even my husband says he’s got his Claire back !! ( I must have been a miserable bugger)

I know the weight loss is unbelievable, but It’s also my mindset that’s in a better place – I’m in control for the first time ever , and loving every day !!!!

Yes exercise does play a part and I would never have imagined how much I actually love it , but without getting the food right first I don’t think I’d have changed my shape so quickly. This to me is not a diet it’s a life change , you eat proper food there’s nothing complicated about it !!

Joe’s been coaching me since day one , really giving me the continuous support I’ve needed , if I needed a kick up the arse he was good at that too

Don’t get me wrong I haven’t stopped drinking but only when I want to and I don’t feel guilty when I do either.

Thanks Joe , even though this is quite cringe , without Sustain I would still be an unhappy , unfit, fat , miserable , sod.

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