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"I lost 11kg (24lbs) in three months – I’m still amazed that was even possible!"

I had always assumed that weight loss was simple – eat less, move more – no brainer, right?

But after a string of bad injuries preventing me from exercising and associated comfort eating, I found myself carrying a lot more than a few extra lbs.

I tried and failed to lose the weight over and over, experimenting with a wide range of fad diets, eventually ending up in a frustrating cycle of restricting and bingeing that I couldn’t escape.

Then I discovered by chance the Sustain Nutrition Instagram page and started listening to the podcasts.

It was clear that these guys ‘get it’ when it comes to the struggles associated with weight loss.

It’s far more complex than calories in vs calories out on a range of psychological and emotional levels.

I was keen to know if coaching was the answer to my problems so I signed up for the 7-day Kickstarter at the end of September.

In the first week I lost nearly 8lbs! I was convinced – so signed up to continue three months of coaching with Joe.

The daily accountability is a game changer when it comes to weight loss – knowing that if I ate badly, I’d have to confess my sins and be questioned on my choices was enough to keep me on track (mostly!).

On the occasions I did slip up, it was so beneficial to work through the reasons behind it rather than bury my head in the sand and ignore it.

I have a much greater understanding of what my triggers are for making poor choices and with this awareness I can take steps to prevent it – only having the treats that actually add something to my life.

I lost 11kg (24lbs) in three months – I’m still amazed that was even possible!

I used to buy clothes that will ‘fit when I lose a few lbs’ – in denial that I needed to buy a bigger size – well they all fit now!

But this was not only about feeling confident in a bikini – I’m an obsessed rock climber and obviously the heavier I was, the harder it was to do the thing I love.

I had just been going through the motions for the last couple of years not making any progress, but now I’m climbing harder than ever and I feel like I have my spark back! I’m not quite at my goal weight yet – but I have no doubt now that I will get there!

Thanks so much Joe!

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