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"I lost over 3st - Oh and by the way…. I have no idea what my daily calorie consumption is… I haven’t had to count them!"

Why I started….

This wasn’t my first rodeo…
but it was my first time with Sustain.

I have been trying to lose and keep weight off for years.

I have usually been successful at dropping ¾ of a stone fairly quickly but then losing focus and slamming it all back on plus more.

This was due to lots of reasons; different ones each time and often heard myself trying to justify it saying… I need my size for rugby, I’m fitter than most of the skinny guys I know, I’m a power lifter so a big belly is just part of it, I need to enjoy my life, I’m not that big, I’m in starvation mode, I’ve a slow metabolism, I’m just greedy… and the list still goes on…

Truth is, I needed help! I’ve trained in the gym for years but ignored the importance of nutrition and listened to people that didn’t really know much more than I did or at least didn’t understand that a set meal plan does not fit everyone… it will help them lose weight but ONLY if they stick to it, and that is where it falls apart.

I got to the stage where even my extra baggy clothes were becoming tight, I hated the look of me in a window or mirror, I was out of breath trying to tie my shoe laces and I lacked energy…I was not the role model I wanted my son to follow and so added to a family history, I felt a heart attack was probable on the cards at some point and I wanted to give it one less opportunity.

Getting Started

So this was actually a challenge that I (in my head) set for Joe and James. I was convinced I was in starvation mode because I did each a huge amount, just poor choices. So I thought… I have tried almost everything bar paying for help. I decided I was will willing to pay the cost of a couple of takeaways which I knew were not helping me and to spend on nutrition based support.

James and Joe both told me that it was not definitively not starvation mode and that I had just received bad advice, they defied my Google searches and I was very sceptical… BUT… they were totally 100% right!

Joining Sustain was by far the best decision I have ever made health wise, it has changed my life for the better!

It has given me a whole new positive outlook on life and a toolbox for coping, not just in weight loss. I actually use this system for almost everything now. What is the problem? How did it happen? What’s the solution? What can I do to achieve the solution?
Where am I now?

So in 5 months have lost over 47lbs which is just over 3 stone and more importantly I have lost a combined 20 inches off my frame and I haven’t finished there…. I can now visualise where I want to be and have a clear plan on how to get there. Measurements taken from neck, chest, belly, waist, thighs and arms.

Was this easy?

It didn’t feel easy all of the time but what does? Anything that is really worth something is never easy to achieve otherwise you wouldn’t have to try. There were times when I felt the weight didn’t fall quick enough, the tape measure didn’t budge, my friends and family enjoyed high calorie food and drink when I didn’t and/or there was social pressure!

But that was just how I viewed it at the time without knowing the potential of what was to come with just a bit of consistency and trust and in the model, this was so simple….. I didn’t miss out at all, I enjoyed a stag doo, an all-inclusive holiday, weekends away, man flu and I didn’t miss out on anything, so was it easy….o reflection actually yes it was because it was simple and I was in control! I don’t regret any of it, it was totally worth it.

Do I recommend Sustain Nutrition?

Hell Yes! What have you got to lose?

If you are in pain and struggling with your weight then what have you got to lose? If it doesn’t work (which is impossible) then you can just add it to the long list of things you’ve tried and forget about it… BUT if it does work (and it will) then this is the turning point in your life!

There is so much support that comes with it, hours of podcasts, daily emails, social updates, recipes, challenges, tips, and hints, workouts, social and direct support.

The model is not expensive but very valuable. My biggest expense so far has been kitting out my wardrobe with new clothes!

Oh and by the way…. I have no idea what my daily calorie consumption is… I haven’t had to count them! ☺

Thank You Sustain!

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