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"What I loved about James is his ability to cut through the “bullshit”"

‘‘I found both the system and the accountability fits really well with me.
I set myself the personal challenge of taking part in the Scottish Masters Powerlifting Championship which was to be held in May. I was working really hard in the gym and whilst my nutrition on the whole was good I wasn’t really dialled in as well as I could be.

I felt that I really wanted to give myself the greatest chance of performing to the best of my ability in the competition and being properly fuelled and hydrated was to be a key part of that. Therefore I sought the accountability from the guys at Sustain’‘

‘‘What I loved about James is his ability to cut through the “bullshit” that my diary contained, where there was a deviation from the habits my ‘excuses’
We just that excuses and James has this way of calling you out on that and making you really thing about your actions etc. Over time you actually start to think in “James speak” and call out your own bullshit before heading down the road of excuses and justifications to simply not eating the ‘off plan’ food’‘

‘‘Total weight loss over was 10lbs and that was without actually trying to lose weight.
Its amazing what your body can do when you put the right stuff into it.
I did just come to look at the figure as data rather than having it dictate how my day would go – that was as a direct result of James and Joes information they put out in the facebook groups.
They have all the knowledge so if you are looking for support and accountability to get your eating on track I can’t recommend the guys highly enough’‘

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