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"After nearly 10 years, I feel like me again,"

Never have I ever felt such a feeling of freedom and liberation in a body that I am totally proud of.

I’ve lost 2 stone but that is the smallest change during my time with Sustain. Joe has helped me more than I could rightly put into words.

I am no longer trapped in a circle of guilt-ridden yo-yo dieting. Through 9 months of coaching, Joe has helped me reassess not only my habits and emotional attachment around food, eating and drink but also the relationships and friendships I have and how they affect my eating patterns.

After a struggle with anorexia whilst I was at Uni, I was scared of losing weight again. Scared of worrying people, scared of making people feel uncomfortable with any restrictive eating habits, driving them away and scared that maybe, I could slip back.

At the first sign of weight loss, I’d freak out and head back to my old habits of overeating and binging. I thought I was destined to always be just a little bit chubby. I was miserable.

Scared of losing weight, unhappy with my current weight.I felt trapped and helpless but not ready to accept that was it!

So, I joined Sustain and with Joes continuous support and through a series of questioning, coaching, advice and sometimes a big fat reality check (which I really needed) I am free of it all. It wasn’t a straight road and poor Joe became much like a therapist and friend as well as a coach responding to my daily monologues and questioning some of my food decisions but we made it,

finally, I can say I am confident and proud of my body and myself. I’ve safely lost my goal weight and a little more! Something I thought I’d never be able to do.

The best thing is that I am now in control rather than my emotions, I am able to trust my body and its abilities to regulate real hunger and eat in a balanced, enjoyable and nourishing way. After nearly 10 years, I feel like me again, I am strong and confident and I can say I have truly broken free of a negative relationship with my body, mind and food. For that, to Joe and sustain I am eternally grateful.

Thank you for your support, commitment, knowledge and patience. What you have built and the support you give will help so many more people fall back in love with themselves.

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