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"Joe and James were the people that got me interested, but Gagan my trusty coach kept me going. You were great with your support and advice. I could not have done it without you!"

When I started 6 months ago I could not walk up the stairs without having to stop for rest. I was drinking every day at least 2 large glasses of wine and sometimes more…. I weighted 90kg and had 40% of body fat. I felt unattractive, unhappy and masked it by wearing loose clothes, and pretending, by making fun of it, that I’m OK about it….. Deep down I envied all the people jogging in the morning when I drove past them. My breaking point was when I went on a work segway afternoon and someone took a picture of the group and I was so ashamed the way I looked. My scrubs (I’m a dental nurse) were not fitting and I either had to ask for a bigger size or do something about it.
I signed up to BC and it was an eye-opening three months. Unfortunately, even tho I stuck to it and saw many result, I knew it’s not possible to sustain that regime. Than I came across Joe and James on YouTube and watched most of their videos in one go…… mainly for the entertainment value but on the other hand it was all making sense.

It was explained why and what and when in terms that a pleb like me could get it. It kind of cleared the jungle I was lost in not knowing where to aim and how to progress and made it into woods that I’m comfortable to walk in and not feel daunted. It was so simple that I decided to sign straight for the three months plan without trial week.

I’ve hit 10/10 every time apart from four days on my honeymoon that I was happy not to. I wasn’t panicking knowing I’m OK to have life and I know it wasn’t falling off the train, it was consciences decision that I was happy with.
I was OK knowing it will slow my progress. My highlight was winning third place in S28 and I felt humbled. My biggest achievement was to conquer my fear and enter the dreaded Gym!

I’m 42 and never ever felt I was able to do it. Now I’m there 3 times a week doing weight sessions, spinning and love it. I’m trying to get into running….sounds silly but I’m not a runner, though I’m determined I’ll get to run 5k and maybe even 10k. In my entry form I filled in that I would like sport to be part of my life and thanks to Sustain I managed to achieve that.

But most importantly, Jo and James were the people that got me interested, but Gagan, my trusty coach, kept me going. You were great with your support and advice. I could not have done it without you….. thank you big big thank you!

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